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FedEx Response to Nepal Earthquake

May 8, 2015

Please watch this space as we will post updates as they become available.

June 8, 2015

Volunteer account of the FedEx relief flights for Nepal earthquake victims

*Delhi-based Samrat Ghatraj, an Engineer with FedEx Express, volunteered to assist with ground operations for the Nepal relief flights. Here is his story, in his own words:

I volunteered to go to Kathmandu because of my ramp experience and my familiarity with the Nepali language.

Since I wasn’t really sure if the hotels I saw online were still standing or not, I thought it best to reach there and then look for a place to stay.

Just the will to go and work was certain – nothing else was, really.

plane-nepal-truckDay 1 Charter: It appeared to be quite a chaotic situation at the airport, where we could not expect a straight confirmation for our requirements from local staff. They had a huge number of flights to handle with shortage of manpower and equipment.

Fortunately, the US Air Force team helped us with the aircraft work. They were actually there to work the USAF flights, but were making a huge difference there by helping out with other cargo flights too.

They had their own equipment – high loaders, tugs, forklifts and manpower. They were living inside the airport, had brought in their own supplies too.

As we were unloading the cargo we had a glitch; the high loader stopped working when we had just one pallet to remove from the lower forward belly of the aircraft.

About an hour of tinkering by the USAF team, and the local intelligentsia delivered no results. We then did what we always do – improvise. The aircraft was pushed a little towards the rear, then another high loader was used to remove the remaining pallet.

The whole day had seen a few mild tremors. Instead of in a hotel with cracked walls, I stayed the night with a family I knew. It was scary, because they would not sleep after what they had been through.

samrat-ghatrajDay 2 Charter: The handling agent at the airport had never dealt with cargo before so he had no idea about cargo procedures and about pallet stacks. I was able to get a small amount of help from the local teams to gather some pallets in the afternoon.

Just with the last pallet remaining inside on the main deck, there was a huge storm and again the people were scared that the ground would shake. The short burst of rain came in so fast, that we had to close the cargo door, soaking ourselves. As the engineer, Andy Brown, put it – “That was a whole new level of wet!”

Second Earthquake: On the day I was to return home to Delhi, the second big earthquake hit. It was quite a terrible experience, but I was prepared mentally for it. People running all around, and utter chaos prevailed. Even then, the cries and screams of people tend to lock you up before you realize what’s going on.

I ran as fast as I could to an open area, and then to the FedEx office where the staff had assembled outside. I was constantly sending out messages to my wife so that she would be informed of my whereabouts if I got lost.

The airport was then closed for runway inspection, but after a few hours delay I eventually got back to Delhi.

I am very proud of the fact that FedEx did all possible to make this happen. This only strengthens the belief that we are really good at innovating and delivering the best to our customers; and we are always thinking about ways to make the world a better place.

May 8, 2015

178,000 Pounds of Relief on the Way

The FedEx wide-body charter flight bound for Nepal took wing tonight at 9:25pm local Memphis time on the first leg of its journey.

FedEx Nepal Infographic
For a high-resolution download of this infographic, go to our Media Downloads page:

Between the two charter flights, the supplies will positively impact thousands of lives.

 Direct Relief

  • 118,771 lbs. (165 skids) of supplies valued at almost $15M
  • 12 on-the ground organizations will receive life-saving medicines and medical supplies
  • Prescription medicines contained in the shipments are enough to treat nearly 210,000 people for one month
  • Included are tents for maternity care and women’s health and infant supplies—enough to help deliver 5,000 healthy babies
  • More than 6,200,000 defined daily doses of medication
  • Medical resources include prescription medicines, IV solutions, anti-infective agents, gloves, nutritional products, wound care supplies, and equipment

 Heart to Heart International

  • 35,000 lbs. (56 pallets) of supplies valued at more than $350,000
  • Mobile, tented medical clinic stocked with sufficient medicines and supplies to treat 10,000 patients for 3 months
  • Hygiene kits for about 3,800 people for 2 weeks
  • Enough meals to serve up to 1,700 people 3 meals a day for a month
  • 3,600 Sawyer Water Filters providing about 750,000 gallons of drinking water a day
  • Tents and blankets for at least 120 people

 Water Missions

  • 25,000 lbs. of water supplies valued at more than $125,000
  • 12 large Living Water Treatment Systems, 37 potable water chlorinators and 12 large water tanks
  • Generators and solar panels to help power the water systems
  • Combined, these systems will provide a million gallons of fresh water every day—enough for up to 430,000 people per day.
  • According to the U.N., a single dollar invested in water supply and sanitation can provide an economic return of up to 34 times, depending on the region.
  • The Aquinnah arriving at the Memphis Hub. She took the special cargo on its journey.

  • Medical supplies staged for loading onto the FedEx charter to Nepal.

  • The first pallets of aid supplies from Direct Relief loading into the plane.

  • Nepal Relief loading for the long journey.

  • Nepal Relief loading onto the plane for the long journey.

May 7, 2015

One Nepal Charter Flight Grows to Two

As FedEx collaborated during the past week with the three primary relief organizations filling our charter flight, everyone realized there was more freight than space. Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, and Water Missions have jointly gathered enough relief supplies to fill two wide-body airplanes.

FedEx has committed to flying it all. Today, FedEx and the relief teams are working through a flurry of last-minute logistics. We’re gathering freight in two locations: Memphis World Hub and Dubai, U.A.E.

Charter Flight 1. On the evening of Friday, May 8, FedEx will fully load a plane in Memphis and take off for Dubai. All relief supplies will then be in the same place. Teams on the ground will prioritize the most-anticipated shipments and the plane will quickly turn around and head into Kathmandu. Relief teams are standing by to receive the much-needed aid supplies.

Direct Relief readies their aid shipment to Nepal

Direct Relief readies their aid shipment to Nepal

Charter Flight 2. The same plane will return to Dubai to reload – another completely full flight. Next week it will head back to Kathmandu to deliver the rest of the supplies.

The FedEx donated transportation and logistics services mean that more than 178,000 pounds of relief supplies will move into Nepal over the coming days.

May 1, 2015

FedEx Pledges $1 Million in Aid

FedEx has committed approximately $1 million in cash, transportation support and a chartered flight to deliver critical medical aid and supplies to Nepal in the wake of last week’s devastating earthquake. We are mobilizing our disaster relief program through our existing relationships with Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, Water Missions International, American Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

Through our monetary and transportation contribution, FedEx will transport life-saving medical supplies and medicines, shelter, and water treatment systems to Nepal. Specifically, we are:

  • Working with Direct Relief to transport large volumes of IV solutions, medicines, surgical supplies, and other medical essentials requested and approved by Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population.
  • Transporting 12 large Living Water Treatment Systems, 31 potable water chlorinators and 12 large water tanks on behalf of Water Missions International. Combined, these systems will provide fresh water for up to 370,000 people per day.
  • Sponsoring Heart to Heart International’s mobile medical clinic, described below.

Today’s press release on our newsroom provides additional details about the support we are providing to our disaster relief agency partners.

April 29, 2015

Mobile medical help
To speed medical treatment and help to victims of the quake in Nepal, FedEx is sponsoring Heart to Heart International’s mobile medical clinic. It’s scheduled to arrive in Nepal on Friday, May 1 along with HHI’s first medical team. A second team  is on standby.

The mobile clinic allows medical teams to set up shop anywhere without relying on available structures. It contains tents, tables, chairs and office supplies as well as vital medicines, medical supplies, portable medical equipment, communication equipment, non-perishable food and water purification systems.

In addition, a FedEx-funded large emergency medical kit containing supplies to serve up to 10,000 people for the next three months is on its way! It is expected to arrive in Nepal this Saturday.

April 28, 2015

Water on the Way
As part of the FedEx commitment to disaster relief, many of the agencies we work with are using their in-kind shipping accounts to send relief supplies to Nepal. Water Missions is committed to providing safe water in disaster areas. On their behalf, today we’re moving two large “Living Water Treatment Systems,” six potable water chlorinators and two large water tanks. Combined these systems will provide fresh water for up to 70,000 people per day.

April 27, 2015 Afternoon

Assessing Needs
FedEx has long-term relationships with a number of disaster relief organizations as we donate transportation of equipment and relief supplies to impacted areas. While many agencies and first responders onsite in Nepal are still assessing needs, we are standing by to assist as they mobilize relief efforts.

How You Can Help
Many of our customers and team members are asking how you can help. We encourage you to contact these disaster relief organizations directly. Due to logistical challenges in the affected areas, these organizations prefer direct monetary support rather than collection of new and used items.

About FedEx and Disaster Relief
Disaster relief is in our DNA. For decades, FedEx has been honored to deliver critical supplies, services and expertise to support victims of disaster. For more information, visit the Disaster Relief section of our website.

April 27, 2015

Nepal Impact Map

Map of impacted area. Both Red Cross images courtesy of the IFRC.

FedEx extends our heartfelt sympathies and prayers to the victims of the terrible tragedy in Nepal. As we assess the scope of the damage in the region, FedEx is determining the best ways for us to help meet the needs of survivors, in terms of humanitarian assistance, in-kind contributions, and transportation resources to ship critical medical aid and supplies. We are supporting Nepal relief efforts through our disaster relief partners such as Direct Relief, Water Missions International, Heart to Heart International and the American Red Cross, which works closely with the Nepal Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. To help ensure aid is delivered efficiently, we are focusing our relief efforts with these existing partners. To contribute to relief efforts, please donate funds directly to these agencies or the humanitarian organization of your choice.

Due to the earthquake, FedEx  is experiencing temporary service delays to and from Nepal. We are committed to the safety of our people across the FedEx network and will resume our regular service schedule as soon as possible. To check on shipment information, go to


    Cesar Arres says:

    My God bless the agent Nepal

    Ella Christensen says:

    Are we taking up donations? If there is a link, I would like to donate.

    Shaun Jones says:

    I hope that we are able to assist the people of Nepal in their time of need; times like these are what the Purple Promise is all about.

    Nikki Hyler says:

    I have heard and seen on social media, that shipping relief supplies to Nepal American Red Cross is free from any FedEx Office. Can you confirm if this is true?

    Rati Joshi says:

    Hi, I am in Edmonton Alberta Canada and want to send stuff to my brother in Houston who is leaving for Kathmandu to volunteer this Saturday? Is it free and how much I can send? Can you please reply ASAP so start collecting ASAP.

    Prarthana says:

    Is it true – FedEx , relief aid delivery to Nepal is free from USA?

    trying to find valid source!!

    liz says:

    Prayers to all people involved

    LM says:

    We thank you for your effort. But can we work on providing relief for reduced price or free when it matters.

    jasmina hirachan says:

    need to send some clothes and blanket to Rotar Club Nagarjung Foundation Nepal how can i do that

    Rakesh Tuladhar says:


    Viewing the devatation in Nepal due to massive earthquake, is Fedex allowing to send humanitarian cargos to Nepal for FREE. We are in DC metro, pls let us know.

    Manisha says:

    Hi FedEx,

    Please help clearly say that :
    – “Shipping is FREE to the above mentioned organizations”.
    – Some local offices of FedEx do not know about this, please help spread this to all FedEx offices.
    – If possible, please help list the items that we can send to each of these organizations. You can also help by putting the links where the items are defined by these organization.

    Nepalese people are thankful to FedEx.


    Sumiran Pradhan says:


    Thank you for this notice. Is there a way that we can send packages to Nepal via Fedex for cheaper to Red Cross or some org people there? Being from the same country; I would rather send packages that they need rather than money.

    The organizations that you have mentioned here although are really good; I worry that the stuff does not reach the “right” hands.

    Thank you for your help and care.

    bal thapa says:

    Came across a news this morning that fedex is helping deliver relief packages to Nepal Red Cross Society free of charge. How true is it and if it is not then is fedex considering to give it a thought in coming days. Help is desperately needed and there are people who are willing to step up at this moment.
    thank you so much for your time.

    jay says:

    Are u providing free delivery? ??

    Orish Shrestha says:

    Thank you FedEx. Every effort counts. Really really appreciate it!

    Dawa lama says:

    i have collected some clothes for earthquake victims in nepal. It’s about 300kg could you please advice me how could I sent those aids to earthquake victims in nepal from here in reading, uk. Thank you regards dawa lama

    Deborah Thomash. hill says:

    Thank you! You are a shining star!

    Alina says:

    I would like to send some clothes for the victims of Nepal earthquake,how can I do that and when do u ship next,I would be very grateful if it happens as I trying to give them to a remote village like sindhupalchowk.

    Minesh Shrestha says:

    We have been collecting funds in order to help Nepal Earthquake victims. We are co-ordinationg with volunteers who are directly helping people on the most effected area the Sindhupalchowk district. As their request we are planning to send tents. I would like to request you to provide information wheather it will be possible to send it through critical supplies delivery. Please reply asap

    Neelisha pradhan says:

    Thank you! A great initiative it this difficult time..

    Catherine Schmitz says:

    Thank you for your support. Does the free shipping included shipping to a specific address, to friends or family who have been affected? For instance my cousin’s family has been deeply affected-could I FedEx them something directly for free? Thank you for answering my question. Catherine

    Nibesh says:

    Dear FEdex.
    My hometown Bhaktapur was hit hard by the recent earthquake. My friend told me that there is an epidemic of diarrhea and common cold in the area now. and medical stores are running out of their supply. would you be willing to ship some medicines to my friend in Nepal through your service ? it will be of great help. Thanks. Reach me at 510-283-4248

    ron gomez says:

    can we move some of the united way monies I donate for years to them???

    Tamang Society says:

    we would like to send 50 tents to a nepali charity organisation in kathmandu for the earthquake victims.Is there any special price for the delivery ? Thank you.

    Amit Karki says:

    Thank you for the generous help.

    Binaya says:

    I want to donate used clothes to Red Cross in Nepal. Are you guys be willing to waive the posting fee if those items are sent directly to Red Cross in Nepal ?

    Kirtan says:

    Thank you for your support. Many of our friends in Nepal have informed us that there is big shortage of items like tents and asked for help with us. Could you please help us send these relief items from Toronto to Kathmandu such that these volunteers on ground can take these to needy directly and promptly.

    Amir Rayamajhi says:

    How You Can Help
    Many of our customers and team members are asking how you can help. We encourage you to contact these disaster relief organizations directly. Due to logistical challenges in the affected areas, these organizations prefer direct monetary support rather than collection of new and used items.

    i think only monetary help is not useful always, people are willing to help and it can be in any way.
    if you could at least send some containers of Tents and Blankets and clothes for the victims then that would definitely be more helpful for the Victims

    Suraj Poudyal says:

    I am with Nepalese Society of Texas in DFW – We have received plenty of Medical supplies, and other shipment.
    We will like to ship to nepal, our medical teams are left today with few shipping.
    How do we need to contact in order to ship all.
    Please advise ASAP.

    Thank You
    Suraj Poudyal
    Memeber of NST
    214 995 0137

    Dilli says:

    Dear blogger,
    Non Resident Nepalis in USA, a 501-C(3), Tax Exempted NGO is looking for logistic partners in Free Cargo shipment of Medical supplies to Nepal Earthquake areas.
    Can you please escalate this request to appropriate corporate channel to expedite relief efforts?
    Look forward to hear from you soon.

    Thanks in advance,
    Dilli Bhattarai

    Prajesh M. Ghimire says:

    I am a physician at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, NY. My organization and I are planning on sending medical supplies to Nepal. I was told by a colleague, that FedEx is waiving shipping of medical supplies and much needed relief supplies. I am inquiring, because I wanted to confirm it. If it is a discounted rate, if I could also get information. This would be great help. Thank you.
    Prajesh M. Ghimire MD

    Sijal Shakya says:

    If you need locations to ship your relief supplies, you can find locations in need of dire help on a map here:

    Manjila says:

    Thank You Fed Ex Team for listening to our plea to help Nepal. We needed water, you guys provided and foremost the medical supplies and you guys funded the large medical kit.

    Thank You

    arbina says:

    We have collected donation items for earthquake victims. But any of the organizations listed above doesn’t accept goods donation nor they provide us a room to drop off collected items. We have 4 different locations ( individual houses) in DC metropolitan area in US. Can you please give us alternate option where you can pick up donated items for free for Nepal. Can you pick up from the fire department or American Legion? Please let me know So that we can initiate a coordination with them.I greatly appreciate your help in an effort to provide relief materials to the earthquake victims.
    thank you.

    Ramesh gurung says:

    Is there any discount in shipment of medical supplies ?
    it is for Nepal.

    Gokcen Yamandag says:

    This is an awesome news! When I read this, I started tearing up. I am very proud of FedEx. Money is great, but helping with the transportation support is very needed and not many can do. says:

    it is very soul safe job with God releated.God bless to fedex.i do not have big words to say that.

    Uttam Gaulee says:

    Thank you, FedEx! You have been a such a wonderful agent to promote global understanding. We have collected some relief materials and are seeking shipping alternatives.

    Kyryl Berezin says:

    Dear FedEx,

    as a representative of AIESEC in Belgium we would like to send an amount of clothes and tents to the victims in Nepal through AIESEC in Nepal. Is it true that this is free of charge?

    Looking forward to your response.

    FedEx Blog Team says:

    We have seen your requests in this comment section to send donations to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. We commend all of your on your efforts to provide support to the communities impacted by this devastating disaster.

    Since the tragic aftermath of this natural disaster, FedEx has been working closely with our long-term disaster relief partners to assess needs in the impacted areas. We have mobilized our disaster relief program through our existing relationships with American Red Cross, Direct Relief, Heart to Heart International, The Salvation Army, and Water Missions International. FedEx has committed approximately $1 million in cash, transportation support and two chartered flights to deliver critical medical aid and supplies to Nepal in the wake of last week’s devastating earthquake. Both of those flights are already completely full of aid from those organizations with whom we have long-term relationships.

    We encourage anyone who wants to support the overall relief effort to contact these organizations directly as we are unable to transport any relief items from individuals or any other organizations. The organizations we’re working with greatly prefer monetary support rather than the collection of new or used items as they have teams on the ground in Nepal determining the aid they need and can distribute. We wish you the best and hope you will be able to secure the resources you need for your endeavor.

    hangkhim says:

    Thank you so much fedex

    Euler Bruno says:

    We conducted a campaign to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and have about each 500kg of clothes, medicines and supplies.
    We are having difficulty to send this donation to the victims!
    FEDEX could help in sending this donation?
    We are close to the Viracopos International Airport in Campinas, São Paulo-Brazil.
    We can send to the FEDEX base at the airport?
    Who is in charge here in Brazil we can talk about it?

    Bnay says:

    I wanted to ship used clothes to red cross in Nepal for affected victims. Will
    Fedex waive shipping fees for it ?

    Lisa Crall says:

    Thank You. The Fed
    Ex story and how they have accepted chlenges that “couldn’t be done” according to popular thinking is inspiring. Thank you

    neelisha says:

    FedEx charters already landed on May 10th and May 11th on Kasthmandu. Can you please update these records in your blogs and your news update so that the actual is seen..

    Andy Shrestha says:

    We wanted to send LifeStraws 40 pieces, that’s 4lbs.

    our Fedex said that’ll cost 192.00 and we bought LifeStraws with all our raised donation.

    We are not able to send them now. 🙁

    Ddchen says:

    Is there any discount in sending packages to individual earthquake victim in Nepal from Canada?

    Tesla says:

    This is a wonderful thing that FedEx is doing but I am curious if aid was sent to victims of all the tornados in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, and other states here in the U.S.A. Our Homeland or if those victims were left on their own? Just Curious!

    Denise Storer says:

    I’m a FedEx employee, Could someone please private message me about a question I have about the relief shipping to Nepal. Thank you. EE#305226

    HP says:

    We have traditional cloths that Nepal women wear in very good condition. We would like to send those as it would be very useful. How much would it be to send them those cloths?

    John Welsch says:

    I have 30 donated tents that I would like to ship to Nepal. What would be the best way of doing that? Thanks!

    David says:

    I have 7 large tents and 18 cots for a specific orphanage in Kathmandu. I am trying to send them without paying $795.00 per tent, as per UPS. Please contact me if you have any ideas.

    Thank you.

    Teresa says:

    May God Bless Everyone who is helping in this devastation

    Teresa says:


    Tsering says:

    Hi I want to send couple of waterproof tent in Nepal, as you all may know that continues earthquake, rainfall, n thunder has made the matter worse to those who are living on rice field area. Rainfall, Snake, wet land is making it harder for them to live, and they fear to live inside their own house. So pls let me know if there is any discount if 3 large 9 people tent. Thank you

    Debbie King says:

    My school has collected children’s items and would like to ship them to Nepal. Does Fed Ex send for free to disaster areas? I was told when I called to go to and click on Humanitarian Shipment which I can not find? Please help. Thanks

    Brod Nicholls says:

    Well done to FedEx and the Humanitarian relief side of American culture truely well done.

    Naomi says:

    I hope you succeed with your journey bless you

    Pooja @garden ridge greenville south carolina says:

    Oh God ! Help to Nepal .. As soon as Supply the Medicals to the peoples , who are in problem at the earth quake of nepal .

    Amadiel Flores says:

    you guys are the best…keep up th good work FEDEX..

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