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Net Impact 2011: What We’re Thinking About

October 27, 2011

The 2011 Net Impact Conference starts this week. A great many young professionals and students will convene to hear about and discuss sustainability. If you think about it, these are the individuals that will set the course for our society in the coming decades. So, what perspectives do I hope they take away from the conference? Several things really:

  1. Be a leader, not a pinball leader.
  2. Be practical.
    Practice practical environmentalism. If you do practice it, you will surely…
  3. Make a Difference.
  4. Collaborate with others.

FedEx is proud to engage with the 2011 Net Impact Conference through the contributions of our team members Mitch Jackson (Business Skills for a Changing World AND How Partnerships and Passions Can Fuel Sustainability Initiatives) and Keshav Sondhi (The Art of Reframing Problems: An Intrapreneurship Workshop).


    Tom Galati says:

    Ialwas use fedex the best

    Mark Morin says:

    I likewise could not agree more.As the inventor of the world first purpose built sutainable( aerodynamic )mudlfap, despite living in an every bit counts verything stops at innovation world, many times I felt like giving up. Thank God for the unrelenting perserverance I was given,that nobody should have to endure. Perserverance is essential but 25 years worth? I count myself blessed as industry is now telling our story for us… It ought not have been this way. In fact not only for FedEx’s, but for economic recovery’s sake such “pinball” practices must stop. I must say if folks thought your way… including points 2.)3.) & 4.) with innovation at the forfront of the economic recovery plan, future innovators would be so inspired, they’d bypass such horror stories that keep them from starting in the first place. A while back you wrote “CONTRCTIVE DISCONTENT CAN CHANGE WHAT’S POSSIBLE. AN ORGANIZATION SHOULD CONTINUE TO BE CONSTRUCTIVELY DISSATISFIED OVER THE LONG-TERM. NATURALLY, IT SHOULD TAKE SATISFACTION FOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, BUT THEN IT SHOULD MOVE ON FOR CONTINUED IMPROVEMENT AND BETTER SOLUTIONS “.

    If these principles were applied, even I might not have felt like quiting so many times. 25 years is just too long. Sadly, I’m in the company of too many before me who had to endure such daunting adversty and incomprehendable sacrifice they’ve given up. I assure you with such leadership, practicle environmentalism, difference making collaboration, there is hope not only for North America but the world.
    I would be remiss if I didn’t express how greatful I am to FedEx for empowering its channels with such a forward thinking collaborative approach on innovation as Fedex has demonstrated with my company.
    Hats off to Curtis Cummings .. Manager Research & Development at FedEx for the part he’s playing in this effort… Indeed every bit counts!

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