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News Item: FedEx Express and Iveco Present First Test Results For Hybrid-Electric Vans

April 6, 2009

In a press conference held today in Milan Italy, FedEx Express and Iveco provided detailed results from the six month test of the 10 vehicles designed by Iveco.  The fuel-efficient vehicles were deployed in Milan and Turin, Italy.  The FedEx Express/Inveco trial was discussed earlier on the FedEx Citizenship blog by John Formisano, VP Global Vehicles.

In the press release issued from Milan, Renato Carrara, managing director, Operations of FedEx Express in Italy said: The results of this new investment confirm the ongoing commitment of FedEx Express to making hybrid truck technology a reality. FedEx Express was the first company to invest in commercially deployable hybrids and is now operating more than 170 hybrid vehicles around the globe, the largest hybrid fleet in the transportation industry.

The trial, which will continue until May 2010, is part of a broader commitment from FedEx Express to environmental responsibility through the use of innovation and technology to reduce emissions.


    jose o deLeon says:

    Go FedEx. Way to go….. I love that hybrid trial.

    Congratulations on your test of Hybrid-Electric Vans. As the Chief Blogger for Frito-Lay, I’m impressed with the leadership of major fleet companies like FedEx and Frito-Lay to reduce emissions. In Frito-Lay’s Snack Chat ( we’ve also discussed our test of electric vehilces (Apr 10) and our introduction of Sprinter vehicles (Feb 19) to reduce emissions.

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