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Denny Hamlin Reveals a Never-Before-Seen Look of the No. 11 FedEx Toyota

July 27, 2016

Photo Credit: Tony Avelar/AP Images for FedEx

Denny Hamlin earned a strong second place finish at last month’s Toyota-Save Mart 350 in Sonoma.

A few days prior to the race, Hamlin was on-hand in the shadows of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to give FedEx volunteers a sneak peak at the No. 11 FedEx Toyota Camry’s new look.

“I’ve been able to do a lot of great things with FedEx,” Hamlin said. “This paint scheme is just another example of what FedEx does for communities throughout the United States and around the world.”

Fans were given a chance to vote on one of three special FedEx Cares paint schemes to be featured on the car at the NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Sonoma.

“FedEx Cares is our commitment to give $200 million in 200 communities by 2020,” said Jenny Robertson, director of Citizenship and Reputation Management at FedEx Services. “The No. 11 FedEx Toyota is one of our most beloved assets at FedEx. We decided to use it to bring to life our commitment to FedEx Cares.”

The No. 11 car included logos representing five non-profit organizations supported by FedEx, including:

In celebration of the special paint scheme, FedEx volunteers joined forces with NFWF and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to help beautify Battery East park so that visitors from around the world can continue to enjoy the area and it’s spectacular views, trails and natural environment.

Check out the video and photo slideshow below to see more of the No. 11 FedEx Toyota’s special FedEx Cares paint scheme.


    Karen Stull says:

    How wonderful! The video brought tears of pride to my eyes. I’m so excited about being a part of a family that CARES.

    Jeff Boltjes says:

    Too Cool! Go Denny! Go FedEx!

    sephine willis says:


    Pamela Pope says:

    Nice video. The car looks great!

    Margalie says:

    What a beautiful car. It represents the greatness of the fedex company.

    Brenda Erendira Guzman Garcias says:

    how spectacular the tour and uniform looks incredible and fascinating

    Carrie J says:

    FedEx does Care!! I like this car.

    Malik Ali says:

    Good job guys keep it up..

    Deanna says:

    Awesome video and paint scheme. Any chance there will be a diecast offered?

    Diane says:

    Great way to show off what we stand for and what we are committed to!!! #proudtodrinkthepurplekoolaid

    Andy says:

    Good job! Greetings from Germany!

    Eric Colon ( EWR ) says:

    The car is awesome 1. it represents our company FEDEX 2. The car Danny drives a TOYOTA CAMRY one of the best car. Denny Hamlin an awesome driver who represents FEDEX CARES at its best #DennyHamlin #FEDEXCARES

    Dave Lock says:

    Very proud to work for such a great company..good job from yyzr hub Mississauga

    Jerry says:

    I really like the new “11” wrap and slogan. Great job FedEx.

    Ken Frith says:


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