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“No Regular Tractor Trailers”

July 9, 2010

The FedEx Custom Critical truck transporting turtle eggs from the Gulf of Mexico is equipped with features including satellite tracking, self-inflating tires, temperature control, and backup power — all meant to move the turtles safely and smoothly to their new home. Driver Ronald Shellito walks through the technology and shares his pride in being able to help.


    Christine Shellito says:

    I’m so proud of my parents, Ron and Margaret-Mary Shellito, for their historical role in helping to preserve the sea turtles!

    Kim Spight says:

    I had an opportunity to view this story on the CBS Evening News last Friday. When I saw the reporter in the Custom Critical truck, it made me proud to say that I work for a company that cares so much to ensure that a species of animals will not be negatively impacted by the Gulf oil spill that has been devastating to so many.

    Lysa Byham says:

    I am extremely proud to be a team member of FedEx Custom Critical and extraordinarily proud of Ron and Margaret-Mary for their support and excellent efforts in this project!

    Extremely proud to be part of a team that helps endangered animals around the world; especially since I’m an animal lover, activist and vegetarian. Keep up the great work!

    Edna Joyce Byars says:

    This is so cool. It makes me so proud of Fedex. Something good in the midst of all of this bad.

    cindy soqui says:

    What a wonderful thing to do … So proud to be working with a company that truly cares…

    Peggy, Scott and Jacob Baker says:

    We love you mom and dad (Ron and Margaret-Mary Shellito)! You are saving the sea turtles and inspiring all of us, especially your grandson Jake. We are all so proud! Jake says, “Thanks G-ma and Pop for helping the little turtles. I love you.”

    Dave Cunningham says:

    FedEx Custom Critical..”we do what others can’t”. Yes we do..proudly every day!

    Philip Tevebaugh says:

    This story makes me proud to say that 1. I am a Ramp Transport Driver 2. I have been with FedEx for over 19 years and 3. I work for FedEx. It’s good to see such a large company has such a large heart.

    Barb Kent says:

    I love to see this kind of enthusiasm for environmental protection. As a Fed Ex emplpoyee I am proud of the many projects that are supported by our company all of the projects have huge impacts on the beneficiaries!!

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