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April 20, 2011

For one reason or another, the gut just seems to know much more than the brain does. Take last week for instance: just as I had begun to tackle the heap of work on my desk and sort my flooding inbox of emails, the phone rang.  It was my friend.  Knowing the complications of her personal circumstances, I knew it wouldn’t be a quick, light-hearted call. And yet, I instinctively knew I couldn’t consider any other option but to pick up the phone.

She talked. I listened. We explored ways to move forward.

The conversation was not an easy one. Nonetheless, it was my most satisfying moment that day: an opportunity to engage collaboratively and search for solutions. I notice this is the same satisfaction I draw from my work, day in day out. I am humbled and honored by our team’s ability to rally together in spirit of confidence and mutual respect.

This collaborative way of approaching challenges is heavily embedded in FedEx culture. And I am delighted to see that it is permeating its way through our regional approach to sustainability.

This month, as we launched our sustainability program EarthSmart in the Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa (EMEA) region, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the enthusiasm our team members demonstrated in embracing FedEx commitment to environmental sustainability.  EarthSmart will undoubtedly transform the way we envision our workplace, our mandate as a company and the contribution we can offer our customers, our communities and the planet.

Some very promising trends are becoming clear: customers are eagerly interested in learning more about our sustainability initiatives as we move forward in achieving tangible, meaningful environmental goals . Our company is undoubtedly looked upon and trusted as a leader and partner for change. I am excited about the many positive developments the future of this company holds.

I often marvel at our early efforts to pioneer industry-wide change. By introducing hybrid-electric vehicles in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund in 2000, we not only redefined how FedEx delivers changes on the road, we shared that technology and helped transform the sector. We’re hoping to replicate that success through our leadership in modernizing air fleet. The decision to introduce B777F means we can fly more goods farther, the kind of efficiency that combines good business sense with reduced carbon emissions.  It is changes like these—a  mentality that views environment and business as win-win opportunities, mutually compatible goals—that  will surely make us proud of how we conduct business around the world and contribute to positive change on the planet.

We understand the impact we can bear as a company and instinctively embrace that responsibility with an appropriate measure of seriousness and integrity. We know every effort counts.  I applaud our employees for embracing the EarthSmart campaign and look forward to their input in redefining the future of FedEx sustainability. EarthSmart is recognized as a three prong approach to delivering change: solutions, workplace and community outreach. I can’t wait to celebrate our upcoming success on all three fronts.  Happy Earth Day Team FedEx!

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