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Not the First Humanitarian Effort in Haiti

January 15, 2010

Last night when I heard the news of the Haitian earthquake and its incredible devastation I knew from experience that FedEx team members would respond immediately to help those in need.

In 2006 I was honored to receive the FedEx Humanitarian Award as part of our effort to help this small country recover from another natural disaster. A year earlier Hurricane Katrina cut a destructive path through Haiti. A group of FedEx Express employees in Minnesota and South Dakota stepped up to deliver the Purple Promise to the Bon Samaritan Hospital in Cazeau, Haiti.

Together we coordinated the packaging and shipment of $750,000 in donated medical equipment and supplies to the Haitian hospital which was opening its services to 150,000 people outside the capital city of Port-Au-Prince.

As a FedEx Services employee, it was an honor to have collaborated with FedEx Express employees on behalf of this humanitarian effort. I witnessed firsthand what it is like to be a benefactor of the multitude of operational services and expertise we provide to our customers each day in our commitment to the Purple Promise.

Now the people of Haiti need assistance on a much greater scale than any group of individual contributors can achieve. When I heard of the earthquake I contacted the FedEx Community Engagement and Events team to find out about FedEx initiatives already underway.

That’s when I was informed that our OpCos were already working around the clock with outstanding relief organizations such as the American Red Cross, Heart to Heart International, Direct Relief International and Water Missions on providing transportation services in order to send aid to Haiti.

I believe the human spirit is alive in each of us. I encourage you to participate in the Haitian earthquake relief effort currently underway by volunteering at a collection center or sharing resources. It’s a “Purple Promise” commitment that will stay in your heart forever.

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