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Oh What Sweet Memories!

December 1, 2011

Is this FedEx’s newest fleet? No, but it is an opportunity for an old Marine to walk down memory lane. Who would have thought that 20 years after leaving the Marine Corps, FedEx would give me an opportunity to once again work on the CH-46 Sea Knight?
For the past several months, I have had the honor to not only work for FedEx, but with the Marines again. Our joint mission: to relocate a retired CH-46 helicopter from the boneyard at the Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ to The Veterans’ Museum in Halls, TN.
While the past few months have been filled with a lot of logistical planning, they have had their highlights including a couple of trips to Camp Pendleton to work with the Marines of MAG 39. But none have been as significant as my trip on November 10. It was the 236th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. On behalf of The Veteran’s Museum and FedEx, on that day I had the privilege of taking possession of our CH-46.
The next step was configuring and loading the aircraft on a trailer for transportation and get ready for the journey.
Thanks FedEx for letting me relive my wonderful memories in the Corp. Ooh-rah!!!



    Bernice Cannon says:

    Thank you Fedex for making this employee proud that we can help our Veterans find jobs within Fedex because of their faithfulness to our country and to each of us individually. We would not have our safety, our freedoms, our America if it were not for our dear Veterans. Bernice

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