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On the Road with FedEx: Colorado

September 25, 2017

Travel to the Rocky Mountains with FedEx in Denver, Colorado in the second edition of our ‘On the Road‘ series.

Learn the secrets of greasing a 5th wheel, and hear the difference between a city horn and an air horn as we go behind the scenes in the trucking world. Ride along in the Mile High City with Rich Merich, a National Truck Driving Championship Rookie of the Year driver.


    Sherri Cureton says:

    Very cool to see our young folks take such an interest in training the next generation of responsible drivers.

    Patrick Parks says:

    That was fantastic! Thanks Jason Baker for what you do and being an inspiration to all of us.

    Debbie Goddard says:

    What an inspiring leader you are. Keep it up and you’ll go places!! Pun intended.☺

    valmay barry says:

    WOW Young man!Very inspiring and impressive.

    Holly T. Ashley says:

    Dear Fedex over the road truckers – THANK YOU!
    In August of 2018 I volunteered to drive the 36′ Penske truck while pulling my pride and joy Lexus behind it. We were moving from Arizona to Tennessee. But my husband needed to stay in Arizona, so remembering the words of my Truck driving grandfather, I hit the road intending to get behind a trucker where I knew I would be safe.
    I chose FedEx. Mile by mile, state by state, hour – by very, very, long hour – I stayed right behind the trucks with the FedEx Logo where I knew the drivers were well trained, the trucks were well lit, and I would be guided through the night to my next hotel stop.
    I was lost in the mornings until I could find a FedEx trucker to get behind, but as soon as I did, the anxiety melted and I knew I would be safe and sound. Through construction, high winds, windy roads, and lots of hills, FedEx was a great guide and also a great source of comfort to my husband.
    Thank you FedEx – sometimes you just never know what kind of support you have given to the community – so I thought I would share my story with you!
    Blessings to your many drivers who did such a great job in leading me home. 🙂

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