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On The Road with FedEx: Maine

August 15, 2019

Go on the road with FedEx to the famed coast of Maine. Ride along with Bob Cochran, a National Truck Driving Championships five-time state champion driver. Bob welcomes you to join him on his route as he visits Atlantic Edge Lobster, A.G.A. Correa custom jewelry, and the operator of America’s last remaining hand-operated swing bridge.


    Gary Ramsey says:

    Thank you for covering Bob, a true FedEx Ace!

    Eileen Peaslee says:

    Displaced Mainah here. I vacation there every year. Once I enter the state its like I can finally breathe.

    Thank you ever so much for bringing us this interview. It was wonderful!!

    John Marley says:

    Excellent coverage of the front line FedEx employees who build the lasting relationships with our customers.
    How blessed is FedEx to have Bob on our team.

    Thanks Jason for your tireless efforts in this space.

    Russ Story says:

    Great video with some great scenery in a part of the USA I have yet to see. Wonder what it’s like in January.

    Debb Watson says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    ronda pullen says:

    great story, what was the city?

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