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On Your Mark…Get Set…Go!: 250 Kids Race to Prepare in Bay Area

June 29, 2011

Racing from one pit stop to the next, 250 San Francisco Bay Area school children came out last week for our first Race to Prepare event of the year.

This is the third year FedEx has sponsored this series of disaster preparedness training events. With the help of a small army of volunteers from the Bay Area Red Cross, a local Boys and Girls Club and FedEx, and with FedEx Racing NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, we were able to train and equip 250 school children on disaster preparedness.

After a rousing kickoff where the kids were inspired by leaders from FedEx, Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, a local fire chief, and Denny, they raced from one “pit stop” to the next, picking up important preparedness kit items (batteries, water bottles, etc.). Volunteers were cheering them on at each stop. Items were dropped into a Red Cross bag and after making the rounds each child had his or her own preparedness “starter kit” to take home and share with their families.

In addition to assembling their own kits, the children also helped assemble additional kits that the Red Cross will deliver to vulnerable members of the community. The kids lined up by a FedEx truck fire-brigade style and passed the completed kits down the line to Denny Hamlin, who placed the kits in the truck.

These events are designed to train and equip local school children on the importance of disaster preparedness, to raise community awareness about the work of their local Red Cross, and to provide local FedEx team members with community engagement opportunities. The participation of Denny Hamlin – along with the presence of a NASCAR show car – helps create additional excitement for the kids. Denny’s participation also generates media coverage that brings local awareness to the importance of being prepared. At each event, FedEx makes a $10,000 grant to the local Red Cross chapter to help with local disaster preparedness and relief initiatives.

After waving the checkered flag in the Bay Area, we look forward to our next Race to Prepare event. On your mark, get set, go!


    jackson says:

    This is so great!

    betsy BGCP says:

    Thank you FEDEX and AMERICAN RED CROSS! It’s only the beginning! Thank you for taking safety to another level for our kids, clubhouse and community!

    Debi Carrubba says:

    It was a perfect day at the Boys & Girls Club! The kids enjoyed seeing the race car up close and having the opportunity to meet Denny Hamlin and have their picture taken.

    It is a wonderful opportunity to teach kids at a young age about the importance of disaster preparedness while mixing in the fun of the FedEx racing team.

    Thanks to everyone who joined in to make this Bay Area Race to Prepare a huge success.

    Armen Nunez says:

    It was great seeing the kids faces light up with excitement when the no.11 NASCAR came out!
    Now that was priceless.

    Go FedEX!

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