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Once Again, FedEx Delivers!

December 23, 2008

Once again, FedEx delivers!  During this very tough economic time, FedEx exceeded their United Way goals both in Memphis, the headquarters of the company, and across the nation!  The Memphis goal was $5.2 and we raised $5.4 million.  The goal nationwide (from all of our OpCos) was $14.7 million and we raised OVER $15 million!! This is a tremendous accomplishment considering all that our employees and the nation are facing with increased costs and stock market failures.

I am overwhelmed at the generosity of our employees and am amazed that during such a difficult time we not only exceeded our goal, but we also increased the number of employees giving to the UW.

Even though each operating company handles their own campaign, many companies held “employee fundraisers” to help add to the fund their employees contributed through payroll deduction.  One of my favorite memories of this year’s campaign is visiting the hub each Thursday night!  A team of loaned executives would set up the computers and help hub employees go on-line to give to the UW. Most of the employees in the hub either go to school or work another job during the day, then they go out to the hub at night and work to load packages in the planes.  This group of people, both the day and night sort groups combined gave almost $1 million to the campaign this year – this is a tremendous accomplishment!

Some of the events held by the hub included: a bass tournament, FedEx Idol contest, cook –off, basketball tournament and much, much more.

Not only did the employees have a good time but the funds all went to the UW of the Mid-South right here in Memphis to help all those that live and work in Memphis.

Thanks to all of those employees and members of management who worked so hard to make the United Way such a successful campaign this year!


    Tyrone Swift Sr. says:

    BRAVO to all FEDEX employees for keeping with the spirit of giving and supporting the United Way efforts.

    Peter Sabin says:

    I am proud to be associated with FedEx, but it is the people of FedEx who delivered. Long a supportor of United Way, I am somewhat irked that the headline didn’t read…

    “Once again, FedEx People Deliver!!!

    Gari Lyn Monroe says:

    Way to go FedEx employees! This years theme was “Be The Difference”. I’m proud to be part of the FedEx family making a difference in our communities! As a Loaned Executive for this campaign, I had the opportunity to see the work United Way does first-hand. I will be forever greatful to FedEx for giving me the chance to be a part of something so wonderful!

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