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“Mom, you are going to be bald”

May 2, 2016

From the time she was nine years old, Tatiana Ewing participated in dance competitions. Now, as a single mom of four children, she choreographs dances to teach her children.

Tatiana, or Tati, as her friends call her, is a FedEx Ground operations coordinator and a single mom of four. She devotes all of her time to being a positive role model for her children. This is one of the reasons why she decided to participate in “One Mission Buzz Off” and volunteer to shave her head in support of pediatric cancer patients.

“Mom you are going to be bald,” exclaimed her seven-year-old son, John. Tati explained that it would help raise awareness and money for the families who need it.

Not many women are willing to shave their head like Tati. Losing their hair would be hard for anyone, but Tati hopes her example will show girls that they can still be fierce without it.

It all started last year when Tati’s station senior manager, Josh Randall, participated in “One Mission Buzz Off”. When they were discussing the organization, her coworkers joked that she should do it. The more she thought about it, the more she felt compelled to get involved.

Whether it is assisting a customer at work or being involved in the community, Tati feels strongly about giving back.

“If people get together, there is so much we can accomplish,” Tati said. “That’s what this is, helping out. I don’t have to know them to help them.”

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