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Only 8 years old and already a FedEx team member: The unusual story of Nick from Germany

September 14, 2011

storkMan, what a lucky young boy. I just met Nick and can´t wait to tell you his unusual story: He is the newest member of the FedEx team, the coolest family in the world! Here at FedEx, he has almost 700 “flying relatives”, starting from small Cessnas to the great big Boeing 777F. And you can´t imagine how proud he is to be a member of such a gigantic family. I bet you’re wondering how he managed this… Well, I´ll tell you. Nick is 8 years old and he´s a stork.

Let me start from the beginning. In the summer, Nick lives in Northern Germany but to make sure they have enough food for the winter, his family, his friends and many other storks fly South. Some of them go to Spain, others fly over the Bosporus and the Sinai Peninsula all the way to Africa.  After filling their bellies along their journey in the Savanna, on fields and mountains of rubbish, they rest up a little bit before returning to Germany.

Their trips are always very exciting and full of adventure. The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) in Germany thinks so too. That´s why they´ve been studying them for three years now. The experts from NABU watch their travel route and check out their habits to find out more, for example, about climate change. We at FedEx think this is a great idea and so we support NABU in Germany. And VOILÀ! This is how Nick ended up at FedEx.

As a thank you for the support, we had the privilege of choosing a name for one of the storks. Nick was at the right place at the right time and so he got lucky. We named him. But how did he get the name Nick?

Well, we did what we always do when baptizing new aircraft. We turned to our colleagues for help. Every day, tons of emails arrived full of names of our staff´s family members. Each name was more beautiful and more heart-warming than the other. His name Nick was pulled in a lottery and now he´s the namesake of a 13 year old son of a FedEx dispatcher from Ratingen in Germany. I hope you like the name – because Nick really loves it!

By the way, our aircraft and Nick have more in common than just a baptism. Like all FedEx machines, Nick is also equipped with the most modern technology. Unfortunately, he doesn´t have engines, so he has to go it alone. But he does have a little backpack with a satellite transmitter inside.  It works with solar energy and it´s much lighter than it seems. It only weighs 30 grams. The transmitter records his coordinates every hour and sends them to a satellite every third day. This satellite sends the data to a station on the ground and that´s how the NABU experts always know where he is. Nick recently told me that the experts´ life could be much easier if they would just went online.

As a techie stork, of course he has an online diary and a regular post on Facebook. Why don´t you check it out and follow his trip to the South?

But anyway, now he really has to get going. He has just been cleared for take-off!

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