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Orbis Plane Brings Gift of Sight to 4-Year-Old Boy in Mongolia

November 8, 2018

In this video, follow a 4-year-old Mongolian boy home to his traditional ger (yurt) after a vision-saving surgery performed by Orbis on the world’s only Flying Eye Hospital.

Orbis operates a donated former FedEx cargo plane that was converted into an engineering marvel: a fully self-contained Flying Eye Hospital. The plane travels to some of the world’s most remote locations with the mission of saving sight worldwide.

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    Alan Cazares says:

    wow! beautiful pictures, so nice to know she can again see the wonderful scenery she has

    Maurice Geary says:

    Great video Jason! Always a pleasure to have you onboard the Flying Eye Hospital. Hope we see you again soon.

    Shuichi SATO says:

    Flying hospital! No barrier!! Great!!!

    Natalie Naranchuluun Gaye says:

    Wow how amazing to make extraordinary impact on their lives! Would love to volunteer for something like this one day.

    Liz Malik says:

    This video made my soul sing. Thank you FedEx, and thank you to all the wonderful, doctors, nurses, pilots, and staff who change people’s lives for the better.

    Siena Gilbreath says:

    Love this! Very inspiring and full of using our potential for the service of mankind.

    Jacobo Salazar jr. says:

    Keep up the good fight!

    Carol Musante says:

    Thank God for FedEx and. the good people who works on the plane

    Linda Neuy says:

    Looking back over my 30+ career years, FedEx is the first company I have been associated with that truly supports the greater good for all people.

    Abdirahman Mohamed says:

    Absolutely Amazing !!!

    Felicia Tagivakatini says:

    Thank you and blessings for serving the purple promise to improve others lives.

    Felicia Tagivakatini says:

    Thank you and blessings for serving the purple promise to improve others lives around the world.

    Shawn Fitzgibbons says:

    Over the last 30 some years I that have been employed by FEDEX, the company never seizes to amaze me. My first year baby Jessica was helped then over the years flying disaster relief to areas that have been stricken by one. This video proves why I am proud to be part of the purple promise.

    Brooke Womeldorf says:

    That made me cry!! That sweet little boy being able to see and now have a life. God Bless the people responsible for this true “Miracle” of help the poor and also to my employer FedEx for that GREAT PLANE…..

    Luice Yang says:

    True “MIRACLE” at work!! So awesome!!

    Virginia Newell says:

    Thank you for sharing all the amazing, wonderful experiences, the life changing and life saving energy happining on our planet now!

    Prashansa Shrestha says:

    This is truly amazing and inspiring.

    kathy says:

    6mos at fedEx and I am totally amazed at this story and how we are globally impacting! this story makes my eyes fill with JOY. I can see, and to be able to restore or give sight has to be a miraculous feeling for hospital staff as well as patient! Thank the heavens for such a visual to redesign the aircraft and globally give sight!;)

    Phyllis Lamb says:

    Wow! What an amazing story!

    Zaid Khammash says:

    Amazing Video Jason. You’ve done an excellent job showing the amazing achievements of the Orbis team.

    Susan says:

    Amazing to hear these updates. Praying that the almighty gives Orbis team the strength and wisdom to perform these miracles for the needy!God bless

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