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Oshkosh Wakes Up from Sleepy Town to Aviation Capital

July 26, 2012

Greetings from Wittman International Airport!
It’s unbelievable how many people are already here in Oshkosh, where for one week it transforms from a quiet little place into the Aviation Capital of the World. I’m always amazed how this extravaganza gets me excited every time I come here. It just brings the kid out in me, as I suspect it does for most people who come here. You can’t help getting excited looking at everything there is to see here, and watching the air show performances.
For us at FedEx, it’s not just a chance to see cutting edge flying machines and aircraft of yesteryear … it’s a great opportunity to help attract future aviators from among the thousands of youth in attendance. This includes those in the “Young Eagles Program,” a program FedEx sponsors proudly. It promotes aviation careers for the next generation of pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians and other aviation professionals.  
We’re glad to help sponsor this program because, quite frankly, as one of the largest airline operations in the world, we DO know quite a bit about flying. We remember what originally stimulated our interest in a career in aviation, and it’s gratifying to give that back to the next generation – that same inspiration and encouragement. There’s also a healthy amount of enlightened self-interest in it, because we’ve got to have the highly qualified talent to keep our aircraft flying in the future. Our goal of safely delivering the world on time needs to be as true tomorrow as it is today. Who knows … maybe some of the youngsters here in Oshkosh will become leaders of tomorrow’s FedEx Express crew force, or our most highly skilled members of our future AMT team.
It’s mind-boggling that industry projections estimate that as many as 460,000 new pilots will be needed worldwide over the next two decades. Nearly 70,000 of them will fill slots in North America, and most of those in the U.S. Add to that the projected need for more than 600,000 new AMTs over the same period (nearly 100,000 of them in North America) and it’s easy to see why our support of youth aviation programs is not only rewarding for us personally, but also professionally for our continued long-term success.

Our company is blessed to have some of the best-trained, most highly skilled pilots and AMTs in the industry. In the years ahead, we want to make sure that as our crewmembers and AMTs retire, we fill those open positions with the same high caliber talent that helped make our company the respected leader in aviation we are. 

If you’ve never come to the Oshkosh Air Show, I hope you do. It will bring the kid out in you, and hopefully, you might be able to help us bring the pilot or AMT out in kids here in Oshkosh.
Best regards from Oshkosh,
Capt. Paul Cassel
SVP Flight Operations 


    MayLyn says:

    Another great success from FedEx again! I just love shipping with FedEx for my ebay shipments and being a volunteer here at FedEx! Everyone is so kind and caring and love to help others! I enjoy volunteering here at FedEx! It is so much fun!

    Timothy Joseph Mabala says:

    FedEx Good Day! I hope this golden opportunity is open to Filipino’s Foreign and Domestic to spawn future aviator enthusiast…more power and God Bless as well 🙂

    Benny Arogyaswamy says:

    A visit to the EAA fly-in isn’t complete without spending a few hours or even a day at the EAA museum – where you’ll find wonders like the smallest plane ever built or the car-plane … So glad FedEx is involved in the EAA Fly-In.

    Anne says:

    Thank you for sponsoring the “Young Eagles!” I have a daughter who wants to be one of those future pilots and it’s nice to have a program that can feed that fascination, especially since we’re not an aviation family. I’ll get her up to Oshkosh one of these years, and we’ll be sure to look for a FedEx airplane!

    rick leigh says:

    hey paul, have a great day. Memphis.

    rick leigh says:

    Hello Paul, have a great Day, Regards, from Memphis, Tennessee. We Miss You. Rick Leigh

    Faye says:

    This is good to know. My son is currently in the Air Force and will be going to college to be a pilot soon. I sent him this article. He will be very excited.

    Rich Siciliano says:

    Captn Cassel thank you for being a part of this great event and showing the FedEx flag. Salute to all the FedEx employees on hand at Oshkosh!

    Brian says:

    Thanks for the wings! I had a a great time going through the aircraft.

    John Hansen says:

    Your blog post brought back memories of how excited I was when I got my pilot’s license at age 17. Although I never used it for anything but recreational flying, it’s funny how I’ve somehow seemed to always have worked around wings and rotors ever since! (And traveled all over the world in FedEx aircraft before 9-11, and since then with my part-time work at a US airline.)I used to fly my family and friends to different cities around where I lived “for lunch” but I could never persuade my mother to come flying with me. “Are you serious? You’re just a kid!” she would say cheerfully, and go back to whatever she was doing. Thank you for reminding me about the aviation fun times we had back at all those “exotic” locations in eastern Canada! 🙂

    Mike says:

    Keep flying high FedEx!!

    Rakesh says:

    Hi This is great opportunity Oshkosh

    David McEntire says:

    Thanks to those who put on the employee and family lunch at Oshkosh on the flight line. My family and I had a great time. Hope this can happen again next year.

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