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Our Latest Milestone – The Guangzhou Hub

February 9, 2009

I had the good fortune to live and work in China about 10 years ago.  It was (and is) one of the most challenging and dynamic countries in the world — and I have worked in quite a few countries in my 34 years with FedEx!

Much has changed in China over the years, but our commitment to China never has.  The newly opened Asia Pacific hub in Guangzhou, China is the latest milestone for FedEx — it is now our largest hub outside of the U.S.

A great advantage of this hub is its location in Guangzhou, which is in the heart of the Pearl River Delta – a major international center of production and trade in the region. Our Asia Pacific hub will directly link Guangzhou’s manufacturing base to the global economy.

As they say in the real estate game, it’s all about location, location, location.

We also believe the location of our hub can facilitate the development of several industries in the region such as high tech electronic products manufacturing; seafood and its by-products; bio-medicine and high value publishing.

Customers will ultimately benefit from the greater access and reliability necessary to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Of course, a project like this has a long lead time, so certainly, when we began planning the project we were not operating in an economic downturn.  But that said, we invest in these projects for the long-term, not for the short-term.

The global economy will eventually turn around.  And those companies that have prepared for the future will emerge stronger when the economy rebounds.

I could not be prouder of the incredible amount of work accomplished in the past few years by our team members worldwide who have made this new hub a reality.

Xie, Xie.

To read more about the new Guangzhou Hub click here.


    Jimmy Wu says:

    It’s great honor and pleasure to see what’s happening in Guangzhou now. Probably i would come to Guangzhou to actually see the hub. Let our customer experiences more than ever with the start of new APAC hub.Thanks

    Crystal Wen says:

    We are proud of hub launch as an employee working in Guangzhou

    Gloria McCladdie says:

    Congratulations on a jobe well done! My how time flies. The last time I saw you was at a Braves game. Much more success in the future! Gloria/Augusta, GA

    Zach Elmore says:

    A lot of hard work certainly went into the Guangzhou Hub launch. It is truly a testament to FedEx’s leadership that this project was even possible. The Hub will be a beacon for the FedEx brand in Asia for years to come.

    Michael Marquardt says:


    After reading “Our Latest Milestone” and “Worlds Most Admired Companies” I remembered reading, “Buffett Buys Stake in Chinese Battery Manufacturer” by Keith Bradsher in the 9/29 edition of New York Times about BYD (Build Your Dreams), which is a new auto manufacturer in China. The potential for a collaborative relationship between FedEx and BYD presents itself. (My entry is obviously elementary in nature. My intention is not to present an exhaustive study but an observation).

    The reasons include:

    1. BYD has been among the worlds three largest manufacturers of batteries for the global IT industry but is now at the forefront of manufacturing a unique ferrous oxide battery which is superior to those offered by its competitors in the global auto industry
    2. FedEx is at the forefront of a handful of global carriers.
    3. BYD conducts all its manufacturing in its brand new sprawling plant in Shenzhen China, where it intends quickly to establish a commanding presence in the auto industry.
    4. FedEx has just completed its mammoth airport and hub facility in Guangzhou, China, where it intends to rapidly assume a dominate presence in the freight transport industry.
    5. The total distance from Guangzhou, China to Shenzhen, China is 69 miles
    6. New railway construction between Guangzhou and Shenzhen is almost complete.
    7. FedEx has preeminent global recognition and is committed to reducing U.S. oil dependence but does not manufacture vehicles.
    8. BYD is dedicated to achieving the status of the manufacturer and global distributor of unsurpassed electric vehicles but does not have global recognition
    9. If FedEx collaborates with BYD because BYD’s vehicles reduce FedEx’s oil dependence without compromising its American and World ranking and BYD collaborates with FedEx because BYD vehicles permit FedEx to reduce oil dependence without compromising its American and World ranking, BYD will attain and FedEx will retain it ranking as the World’s Most Admired companies.

    Michael Marquardt

    *”Warren E. Buffett bought a 9.89 percent stake in a Chinese battery manufacturer that plans to sell electric cars in the United States by 2010. The MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company will pay 1.8 billion Hong Kong dollars — about $230 million — for the stake in the battery maker, the BYD Company. Mr. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns 87.4 percent of MidAmerican.”

    Keith Bradsher 9/29 edition of New York Times

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