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Our Office is Your Office: FedEx Office Reaches Out to Small Business Community with Tweet Chats

May 23, 2012

Small businesses are a driving force of our economy. In honor of Small Business Week, we are celebrating all month long to recognize small businesses for the significant impact they make in our community.

Once again, FedEx Office engaged small business owners by hosting Our Office is Your Office Tweet Chat Series to discuss relevant and timely topics. We welcomed back small business gurus Melinda Emerson and Anita Campbell as they shared insider tips on social media and branding. Author and small business owner Gene Marks joined to discuss getting the most out of networking. With the help of some great questions from the participants, the experts gave valuable advice on how to grow your small business and help it thrive. Check out the Tweets in action below.

On May 8, Melinda Emerson (@SmallBizLady) kicked off the conversation with a lively discussion on social media. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Melinda showed us how to stand out in the crowded social media community.

•  If planning to blog, work on an archive of posts at least 3 months in advance so writing isn’t stressful.
•  Use a 4:1 ratio of sharing other people’s content over your own. Your content will do the selling.
•  Keep your content focused on the same target audience. If you change your core message too often, you will confuse people.

Next up was Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends), CEO of Small Business Trends. In her May 15 chat, she revealed the most common branding mistakes and how to fix them.

•  You have 5 to 10 seconds to make a good impression – as a person or as a biz.
•  Poor quality printed items (fuzzy graphics, cheap paper, bleeding ink) make even the best brands look bad.
•  Consistency is crucial. People notice if a business card has a new logo and the brochure has the old. 

To wrap up our series, Gene Marks (@GeneMarks) shared advice on networking to increase small business cash flow.

•  Not having a good database to track lead follow-ups is a pitfall.
•  Do not just ‘blast’ out an email. Send personalized emails to specific lists of interested recipients.
•  Every good website should have calls to action: request more info, etc.

Our Office is Your Office Tweet Chat Series took place on the @FedExOffice Twitter handle. Transcripts from the entire series can be accessed here. Have some small business advice of your own? Share it below!

In addition, FedEx Office is supporting small businesses with its new Business Edge online portal and discount program providing entrepreneurs with valuable resources to help businesses succeed. Check it out today.


FedEx Office compensated Melinda Emerson, Anita Campbell and Gene Marks to participate as small business experts during the FedEx Office Our Office Is Your Office Tweet Chat Series. Their advice and above tips are theirs and not advice from FedEx Office.


    MayLyn says:

    I would so love to be apart of one of FedEx tweet chats sometime! I’m on twitter, and I volunteer at FedEx each and every day and I’m so grateful to be in such a wonderful company that I can trust shipping my ebay items to my buyers and knowing that my volunteer work at FedEx is helping people in need and the community around us.

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