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Our Real Fortune is Our People

February 27, 2014

Walk the halls of any FedEx building, and you’ll notice what makes our company unique.  It’s easy to visualize what our company leaders often talk about– that we make up a diverse melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and viewpoints.  

FedEx continues to grow thanks to team members whose own experiences give us global perspective, but what’s more fascinating to me is what’s common. The language may be different, but the conversation is often the same. We all speak “purple!”  Whether in Memphis, Milan or Mumbai, our 300,000 team members work every day to deliver the Purple Promise, and once again, our efforts have been noticed.

FedEx has been named to the FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies list again this year, placing #8 and #1 in the delivery industry!  It’s a prestigious standing that results from our financial performance and our corporate reputation.  You can listen to our earnings calls and read our Annual Reports to get insight into the financials that help with our good standing, but what really sets FedEx apart is not what you see, rather what you feel.

Whether we’re offering in-kind shipping after a natural disaster like Typhoon Haiyan, supporting small business owners, like Darn Good Yarn in Maine, with grant money to grow their business, making streets and sidewalks safer for children walking to school in Beijing, or testing electric vehicles in Brazil to improve our planet, FedEx is doing well by doing good all over the world—thanks to the hearts and hands of our team members.

most admiredMaking FORTUNE’s list year after year is a huge honor, but our real fortune is our people–and that kind of prosperity is immeasurable.

We invited team members representing FedEx operating companies to share personal stories about how they contribute to the FedEx standing on the FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies list: 

Baldwin Dumlao, Technical Services Representative IV, Honolulu, HI, FedEx Services

I have been associated with FedEx for over 30 years.  The past three decades have been marked by continuous change and a constant emphasis toward outstanding customer service.  I have witnessed how quickly FedEx Services has responded to challenges without hesitation on the Hawaiian Islands with its unique service conditions, geographical distance and costs. Despite hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and changes in technology, our priority has always been to deliver innovative solutions to all operating companies and customers throughout the entire island chain.  It has been amazing how such a large organization has responded so quickly to serve the communities in which we work and live.  The unbelievable support I have received throughout the years has made my career at FedEx Services exciting and rewarding.

Keith Ronningen, Courier, Yuba City, CA, FedEx Express

“Expect the unexpected” is my motto. While on my daily route, I was informed of a delayed critical human tissue shipment that was ready for pickup at the Sacramento airport. The shipment would spoil if it wasn’t delivered before 5:30 p.m. I quickly devised a plan, put it into action and headed for the Sacramento Airport, where I retrieved the critical human tissue package. A serious accident on Highway 99 totally blocked the road that led to the customer’s location. I knew my only remaining option was to explain the urgency of the special package to the Highway Patrol. They allowed me to pass by the accident, and make it to the customer’s location – with only 20 minutes to spare!

Melodie Meredith, Field Account Executive, Dallas, TX, FedEx Office

I began working with a startup customer who managed temporary workers at job sites across the U.S. Our E-commerce product, POL-C, was perfect for managing weekly work orders. When the mother of one of her staff members got sick, she needed to work from home, but found it problematic using our system from home. The customer and I discovered a local restaurant had excellent Wi-Fi and bandwidth. She began transmitting her orders at 6:30 a.m. and finished within an hour. The customer appreciated the “not so traditional” consultation and solution that allowed her to continue supporting both her work family and her own family. The customer and I still talk all the time and her company continues growing. I’ve grown as her company grows. We’ve been to Christmas parties together, and shared in every baby event and wedding.

Roberto Rivera, Supervisor SCM, Robbinsville, NJ, FedEx SupplyChain

Every day, FedEx SupplyChain Dock Services teams like mine process customers’ outgoing FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight shipments on time so they can arrive at their destinations as promised. My team and I are willing to go the extra mile to overcome challenges to meet our commitments. For us, the reward is having customers like the logistics and operations manager at Beach Camera thank us for making his company’s peak season the easiest one in 27 years!

Otis Hunter III, Hub Senior Manager, Houston, TX, FedEx SmartPost

I admire FedEx because it is such a great organization.  Working here provides me with opportunities that I never imagined possible.  FedEx also focuses on the customers and the communities it serves – making critical decisions based on their needs.

Jeff Ostby, Shop Technician, Spokane, WA, FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight helps make FedEx one of the world’s most admired companies by working one-on-one with our customers. Our drivers have great working relationships with our customers, and I know whenever I’m a customer somewhere that always makes for a great experience. As a shop technician myself, I do my part by supporting our ground fleet for our employees and customers. My managers always make sure I have the education and tools I need to do a good job, making me feel appreciated and enjoying what I do. The company also promotes activities such as the SuperTech competition–a fun way to meet co-workers from across the country and to sharpen our technician skills. With all that and more in mind, it’s no surprise to me FedEx is held in such high regard.

Jerry Alvare, Communications Coordinator, Carteret, NJ, FedEx Ground

It’s no wonder – and no coincidence – that FedEx has again been ranked as one of the most admired companies in the world. The company’s total commitment to its people – and to safety, quality and innovation – remains unsurpassed.  Working here is both challenging and rewarding. The company offers endless career opportunities, and encourages and recognizes hard work and innovative ideas. And it encourages staff members to give back to their local communities. That’s why I – and many others at FedEx (and outside the organization)  – admire this great company.

Dixie Bernardo, Supervisor, Seattle, WA, FedEx Trade Networks

It’s our focus on people that makes us stand out.  Building relationships with our fellow team members and customers throughout the world isn’t always easy, but it’s something we work at each day. We’ve found if we take care of our team members first, then in return they work hard to take great care of our customers. Likewise, if we listen to our customers’ needs while working collaboratively with them, we get excellent results.  This is how we develop our unique freight forwarding solutions.


    SUNIL MENON A says:

    We get what we give .Sincerity, Loyalty and updated communication with Internal and External Customers – Living the purple promise – Indeed no wonder our Fedex was recognised and is marching towards greater heights -systematically and discliplined…………

    Arti Rangra says:

    I am proud to work with FedEx . PSP is our unique strength . It gives platform to its employees for further growth.

    Andres says:

    I love it to work with FedEx. Definitely, in FedEx the people first and Im very proud when we have the opportunity to be part of the FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies. FedEx is the best!!!!

    Peggy Williams says:

    FedEx you are more than welcome. This is the best company in the world and I am proud to say I work at FedEx and with the best people ever.

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