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Out for Delivery: Ride Along for a Day in the Life

December 5, 2014

Grab your most comfortable shoes and pack a sense of adventure…today we’re taking you behind the scenes as we introduce a series of stories from the FedEx front lines.

Throughout this week, we’ll show you what it takes to get a package to your doorstep by letting you ride along. If you have ever wondered how we navigate city traffic, handle rough weather, work around wildlife, or even how FedEx Ground service providers manage a small delivery business, this is the series for you.


Meet Ramon

Car horns, weaving taxis, tourists and vertical deliveries…it’s all a part of Ramon Santiago’s day as a FedEx Express courier in Manhattan. For him, it’s all worth it, because he knows he’s a part of what makes New York City run.

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Meet Cary

How often does a snake interfere with your work day? For FedEx Express courier Cary Plaisance, working around snakes and other wildlife is just part of the job in Houma, Louisiana. His rural route – which could have him driving up to 200 miles a day – is filled with friendly faces, beautiful scenery and just the occasional animal encounter.

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Meet Saul

For FedEx Ground contracted business owner Saul Lerma and his team, crossing the desert around Yuma, Arizona, in 100+ degree temperatures is just part of the job, and part of Saul’s lifelong dream to own his own business.

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