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Pack Like a Pro with FedEx Office – All Your Gift Packing How-To’s Right Here

December 10, 2013

With the seasonal shopping season well underway online and in the stores, it’s no surprise that FedEx Office locations are filling up with gifts our customers are sending out to loved ones near and far.

To help those still packing up gifts, we’ve got a Top 10 list of insider tips to help you pack like a pro. Want more? Check out our How to Pack brochures, watch our pro-packing videos, and browse all of our packaging options at And if you have any questions or suggestions for tip-top packing tricks, leave them in the comments section!

  • Tip 1: Prep your item
    Start by looking at your gift – is it sturdy, fragile, box-like or have small moving pieces? Use bubble wrap to “square off” any odd angles to make them less fragile during shipment. If your item is shallow or hollow inside, like a vase or bowl, fill that space to protect it – packing peanuts, bubble wrap or firmly crumpled paper all work!
  • Tip 2: Choose the best box
    Use a new, sturdy box that’s a few inches larger than your gift on all sides to allow for plenty of cushioning. If reusing a box, make sure it’s still strong enough to stand up to shipping (no torn flaps, no holes or corner dents, no water-damage, etc.). And be sure to remove all old shipping labels.
  • Tip 3: Cushioning is key
    Protect your gifts by using at least 1inch layers (preferably 2 inches) of cushioning around the item – top, bottom and all four sides.
  • Tip 4: Fragile Gift? Double It
    When you’ve got a super-breakable item to ship, use two boxes. Cushion your item with at least three inches of packing peanuts or other cushioning material, and seal it in a box. Place that box within a second, slightly larger box, with another layer of cushioning. All that added padding is added protection for your fragile item.
  • Tip 5: Pack In the Address
    Sometimes winter weather can streak or remove shipping labels and paperwork can get lost from pouches. Just in case, always put an extra shipping label, business card, or letterhead with the shipper and recipient’s address information inside your box before sealing things up.
  • packing tipsTip 6: Seal It Tight
    Keeping winter rain, sleet and snow out of your box is easy. Just seal all the flaps and seams using proper packing tape. No duct tape or masking tape, please! Bonus Pro Tip: Just remember to make the shape of an “H” when taping seams.
  • Tip 7: Keep Your Wrappings Inside the Box
    Please don’t wrap your shipping box in anything. We love that you wrap your gifts beautifully, but these items can get caught in FedEx sorting machines, so it’s best to keep the wrappings inside the box!
  • Tip 8:  Label It Right
    One of the best ways to ensure your package gets to its destination on time is with proper labeling. When using a FedEx shipping label, airbill, or airway bill, fill it out completely and accurately When using a FedEx shipping label, run your hand firmly over it to make sure it’s secure on the box. When using pouch, make sure the peel-off strip has been removed  and the flap is firmly sealed. Place labels or pouches on the largest surface of the box, avoiding corners, edges, and seams.
  • Tip 9: When In Doubt, Call in the Experts
    Some items are simply too precious to trust to less experienced hands. Or maybe your gift is just a really odd shape and size. Whatever the case, if you don’t know how to pack it, FedEx Office can help with our specially-trained team members and customizable Pack & Ship service. Ready to become an expert yourself? Visit the FedEx Packaging website for more insider information.
  • Tip 10: Don’t Miss the Holiday Moments
    When you’re getting ready to ship, keep important holiday shipping deadlines in mind. This year, the latest you can ship with FedEx Express for pre-Christmas U.S. delivery is Monday, December 23.

We hope all your holidays this year are merry and bright. Happy packing and shipping!

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