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Peak Post mortem

January 7, 2009

As we optimized the FEDEX system this peak, we brought more volume by plan into the MEM HUB than ever before. For the first time ever, we diverted over 1 million boxes out of our automated sort system on one sort. And along with the ramp up in volume we dealt with about 3 inches of rain over a two day period from Deceember 22-23 with wind gusts each day over 40 mph.

As our system volume starts to return to post peak historical levels, we will spend much time over the next few weeks in what we call the Post Mortem period. We’ll review what went well and we’ll ensure we replicate it. But we’ll spend more time talking about our opportunities and how we can run more flawlessly next year. We’ll spend some time talking about the weather impact but since we can’t move Peak to July, we’ll spend much of this time focused on how we operate more effeiciently and effectly knowing we we will have weather just as we do every year in December.

Our goal during the post mortem process is to make next years peak season more successful. When the plan is hatched next fall our goal is for it to come close to what we actually will see on peak night next December. With that in mind, let me regress for a minute. As part of our plan this year of optimizing the network and minimizng our cost, we decided to bring more volume to Memphis. Our engineering team, devleloped a plan where we would process record volumes. At the time, it semed somewhat unachievable but we continued to develop an execution strategy for that volume. When all was said and done, their original forecast was 99.997% accurate.

We love it when a plan comes together and that’s our goal in everything we do.






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