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Perspectives on a Connected World

March 30, 2015

Frederick W. Smith

At FedEx, we believe in making connections. We also believe that connections can change the world. Access to virtual networks such as high-speed internet and other digital technologies is opening up possibilities and opportunities for people around the globe. The same goes for access to physical networks, including those that FedEx makes available to customers in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Thanks to the power of connectivity, innovation is exploding around the world. Here’s just one example: In 1927, it took Charles Lindbergh 34 hours to fly from New York to Paris. Today, with just a tap on your mobile device, you can ship a FedEx® package to many major world markets overnight.

At the same time, a more connected world is raising plenty of questions, including:

  • How is the competitive landscape being reshaped?
  • What will that landscape look like in five or 10 years?
  • How can companies adapt to a more connected world — and more demanding customers?

For perspectives on those and other questions, we gathered a diverse group of leaders from across FedEx for a roundtable discussion. All of the leaders bring unique and insightful viewpoints to the table. You’ll find it in the 2015 edition of our Access publication.

This issue also features the Access 25, our annual list of the people, places and ideas defining global connectivity. The issue is available in print, online and in a new app version that supplements the content with interactive features, videos and slide shows.


    Cindy Curry says:

    I work International and it is great to think about World Connections! Great article. Thank you very much.

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