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Please Feed the Animals

April 9, 2015

Dog peeking in the back of a delivery truck

FedEx provides transportation for “Hearts and Paws”

Homeless and neglected animals of Rhode Island have plenty of new resources and support today, thanks to a record turnout for the annual Hearts and Paws Pasta Dinner.

It’s the biggest event of the year for the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA), and FedEx is a donor for the event.

Over 300 supporters attended, raising over $16,000. “I want to thank our community and corporate sponsors like FedEx who came out to support us,” said Jim McGee, Director of Development for the RISPCA. “This money funds our community outreach programs and supports the thousands of animals who pass through our facility each year as they wait for their forever home.”

Renee’ DeMello, FedEx Express courier, is not only an RISPCA volunteer, she drove the donated items from the shelter to the event. “Every day dogs bark at my delivery truck. But, all the animals knew something big was going on when they heard my FedEx truck roll up,” she said.

Coco, a nine month old pit bull female, was the first to greet DeMello. “Coco is a special girl. She is also my load master. She made sure I loaded everything properly.”

DeMello has volunteered with the RISPCA for 2 years. “FedEx Express allows me to combine my volunteer passion with my career,” she said.

DeMello adopted two dogs from the RISPCA – Al and Merlin. “Both dogs were considered elderly at 10 years old and their future was slim if I didn’t adopt them,” said DeMello. DeMello’s dogs became certified pet assisted therapy dogs from the Windwalker Humane Coalition. “I make special deliveries every day. But, my most special delivery is when I took Al and Merlin to the adult day care center to work with elderly dementia and special needs patients.”

The RISPCA was the first humane organization in Rhode Island, and is the third oldest humane organization in the United States.

“We survive solely on donations and fundraisers. Every dollar we raise stays in our community to support our education programs and to protect the welfare of animals throughout the state,” said McGee.

If you are considering adopting a pet, please visit the RISPCA’s website or contact your local shelter.


    linda garvin says:

    A big thank you to my friend Renee DeMello a true animal activist, and a special thanks to FedEx in supporting a good cause.

    Dr. Armand Boudreau says:

    Renee, what a great thing to do, we know you care so much about the animals and make a huge difference in the many animals lives and also to the caring individuals that help and adopt the animals giving them a loving home. FedEX what you and your team are doing is priceless to support such a worthy cause. Thank you!

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