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President Proclaims March Red Cross Month: Red Cross Features FedEx

March 9, 2009

President Obama has continued the tradition of issuing a Presidential Proclamation declaring March as Red Cross month. FedEx is thrilled that on March 9 we will be the featured corporate sponsor on the Red Cross month website, accessible from FedEx was proud to receive last year the Henry Dunant International Partnership Award from the Red Cross for our longstanding support of the organization’s disaster preparedness and relief efforts worldwide. (The photo associated with this post shows FedEx team members receiving the award.)

We have supported the Red Cross for more than a decade. As founding sponsors of the Annual Disaster Giving Program, we provide more than $1 million each year in cash and in-kind services helping communities prepare for and recover from disasters. In recent years we have expanded our work with the organization and its affiliate chapters around the world. Most recently, we increased our support of capacity building initiatives in Africa.

Through support of the Red Cross Africa Disaster Preparedness Initiative, we are helping provide extensive training for the Regional Disaster Response Teams (RDRTs) in East Africa. When a major disaster strikes in Burundi, Comoro Islands, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, or Uganda, the East Africa RDRTs are activated.

We are proud to continue providing the Red Cross with access to our powerful transportation network, helping accelerate the delivery of relief supplies to victims of disasters across the U.S. and around the world.


    Monica Fleischmann says:

    I am very proud of the work FedEx does everyday for Red Cross delivering blood all around the United States.

    This is an excellent example where Corporate Citizenship is a global attribute. Great job!

    Ms. Donald says:

    Question: Does FedEx have a department which donates to families who have been displaced within the Memphis area?

    There are families/individuals who lost everything they had in an apartment fire (Friday, 6 Mar 09) directly up the street from the Memphis Hub (Tchulahoma at Winchester). An entire building was destroyed (seven or eight apartments total)

    I’m just trying to help and get the word out.

    Shane Oconnor says:

    Thanks for getting the word out. The loss experienced by the families and individuals impacted by the apartment fire you mentioned is tragic.

    While FedEx is not able to make donations to individuals, only to registered charities, the corporation is the largest local contributor to United Way of the Mid-South which in turn supports more than 100 local charities in the Memphis area including organizations such as the Red Cross that are known for helping individuals impacted by fires and other tragedies.

    Ron Yunk says:

    I would gladly give a portion of my paycheck to the Red Cross. I think FedEx should have a program where each FedEx team member can choose the charity that they want to give to and have payroll deduction as the means. The March of Dimes and United Way initiatives do a lot of good but not all team members want to support those programs. Besides they are only short term initiatives. If a program is available all year think of the increase in giving that our company can do.

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