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Puppy Love – Abused Puppies Rescued with Help of FedEx

March 16, 2012

Many folks don’t know that FedEx ships zoo animals and livestock as part of our normal business.  The staff that run our FedEx Animal Desk work the logistics on a daily basis.  It seems like Lydia Petropoulus and Carolyn Frisch know more about how to do this right than anyone in the business.  On the charitable shipping side, I work with them on rescue type situations when we feel it is appropriate.  We have had a few moves this year with some being more unusual than others.

Let me tell you how this one came about….there was an incident in Memphis and a total of 141 dogs and one cat had been seized on 1-40 during a routine traffic stop with all in the back of a U-Haul trailer on the way to Virginia from California.  The American Humane Association’s Red Star Animal Emergency Services stepped in to rescue the animals and had been caring for and overseeing the medical needs in an emergency shelter in a donated warehouse in Memphis.  I received the request from a volunteer, an animal advocate with American Airlines, asking if we could fly 50 of the small dogs to a shelter in Florida.  We verified that the pups were in good health conditions, plus they would be going to a no kill shelter.  

Then, I went to our FedEx Animal Desk to see if they were good to go with us flying these animals even though, as a matter of policy, we don’t usually ship pets.  Then, a call to make this mission possible was to Dave Lusk in Global Ops Control.  Dave lined up the logistics with Flynn Wallace and Barbara Thomas at FedEx National day-side Hub Operations.  He also lined up the folks at the FLL ramp, who went above and beyond to ensure all was in order.  
dogI’ve been blessed to work at FedEx for 34 years, with my current assignment of in-kind shipping starting in 1999.  The best part of my work is the people I get to work with at FedEx, especially the can-do spirit of FedEx Express.  I was fortunate to be able to fly jumpseat with the American Humane Association attendant to deliver the pups.  On arrival, I was handed a pup to carry out to the awaiting media.  And I felt like I was on the red carpet…lights and cameras flashing everywhere!  Then, our handlers carefully took each kennel and carried out in a parade one at a time. 

I was asked why FedEx would be doing something like this, and the answer was because it was the right thing to do. Memphis is home to FedEx World Headquarters and we truly wanted to make it possible to give these friends a second chance.  Here is a note from the vet that took oversaw their medical needs and her take on FedEx:

Hi Lisa,
I wanted to write and thank you and FedEx for your generosity in helping our 47 dogs get to Florida. I was the main veterinarian caring for them and I was very impressed by the care and compassion from all the FedEx employees. It was a wonderful example of how people can pull together to get great things accomplished.
Jennifer Dunlap, DVM


    MayLyn says:

    It is such a wonderful feeling to be apart of the FedEx community and to know that they are a company to trust. I truly admire all of you at FedEx for helping others as well has animals that I never thought that you would do, but as always FedEx helps others in any thing they can do!

    Amber Brown says:

    Great Story!

    Judy King says:

    What a beautiful story. Makes me extra proud to be working for such a great company. This story absolutely shows the care and compassion that FedEx has to help out others. Bravo FedEx…

    Donna Andrews says:

    After reading this story I am so very proud to be a FedEx employee!

    Tracy Gutierrez says:

    Thanks for sharing this story.
    As a FedEx Account Executive, I’ll be including this wonderful story in my customers’ quarterly account reviews.

    Mario C. Sciulli says:

    This great story underscores the realism that our nation is faced with many challenges, many of which can be effectively overcome by working together to simply do the right thing. It makes me very proud to work for an organization whose team understands that our purpose extends far beyond routine. We stand united to drive changes that impact our entire world!
    Bravo to our folks at the Animal Help Desk for helping in this great cause!

    Mario Sciulli
    Manager, Remote Customer Support Operations

    Renee DeMello says:

    I’m proud to work for fed-ex especially when were able to do wonderful deeds to help the animals great story lets continue to do such wonderful things

    Mayor_Maynotb says:

    This is just fabulous. My uncle flew for FedEx for many years. This puts a very wonderful feather in every pilots hat.

    Connie Brooks says:

    We got one of these dogs in October 2012 and she is so precious. I tell all my friends and acquaintances to use FedEx whenever possible

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