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Recognizing the People Who Run the World’s Best Cargo Hub

October 21, 2010

What an amazing event! On Saturday, October 16, the Memphis World Hub had a Family Day, to celebrate the World’s Best Cargo Hub award bestowed on us by the Institute of Transport Management in London.  Almost 6000 people came to show their family what their workplace looks like.

We had examples of all of our aircraft fleet, and most of our ground support equipment. We had games for the kids and food for everyone.  We even had tours of the facility so our team members’ families could see where they worked. 

We posted many photos of the event to the “I Am FedEx” page on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, I invite you to check out the event photos and invite your friends to check it out.  Even if you aren’t on Facebook, you can see the Facebook photos by clicking here.

There is only one FedEx World Hub… there is no comparison anywhere.  Daily we sort over 2,000,000 packages weighing over 15,000,000 pounds and we load and unload this volume onto over 200 inbound and outbound aircraft and several hundred trucks. Of course I recognize the incredible work being done at our other hubs and sort facilities around the globe, but cut me a little slack and allow me to brag on our Memphis team in this post!

I want to personally thank every team member in the Memphis World Hub for your outstanding support of delivering the Purple Promise. The outstanding work this team does every day and night is reflected by the World’s Best Cargo Hub recognition award we received.

This Family Day was an outstanding example of the FedEx People philosophy at work. It was great to see so many of our employees together, enjoying themselves with their families!


    June Rodgers says:

    I was a volunteer (from FedEx Express Communications) and I was proud to be part of the event. It was fun and the crowds were fantastic!!! The Memphis World Hub rocks! Thank you guys so much for helping to make FedEx a great place to work!

    lydia Baker-Singh says:


    Just started doing a research paper on your company, so far it seem so much “alive” there is just so much going on with you guys. I’ll never take sending documents via FedEX for granted again. Wow, keep up the good work.

    Port of Spain, Trinidad

    R. Kilbourn says:

    I’d love it if the Indy Hub would have a “family Day” also!

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