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Renewing the American Green

August 31, 2010

Green space matters. From rooftops to riverside parks, cities around the U.S. are renewing urban centers and engaging their people in their community “backyard.” As a former resident of New York City and a new resident to Raleigh, parks are what make these places feel like home, providing opportunities for recreation, meditation and learning.

Last spring, FedEx launched EarthSmart Outreach, environmental philanthropy and volunteer programs strategically aligned with business goals. Through our work with the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, we completed urban conservation projects in six U.S. cities (see Parks & Re-Creation). In 2011, we will extend that work into six new cities and involve hundreds of employees, customers and community members to renew their urban spaces. The goal is to make communities cleaner, healthier and more efficient while leveraging the skills and expertise of FedEx team members.

We are proud of the role we can play in creating the next generation of American cities, creating communities that are both economically and environmentally viable. We hope you will join us in our work to renew the American green.

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