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Safe Kids at the National Truck Driving Championships

August 21, 2009

During the 2009 National Truck Driving Championships, children, spouses and friends don’t have to sit behind the wheel of a big rig to display their road safety expertise. FedEx and Safe Kids teamed up to bring an interactive safety game to the NTDC, which is being held this week in Pittsburgh. While 98 FedEx drivers competed, the game tested attendees’ knowledge of pedestrian safety, as well as challenging their aim. Those with a good knowledge of safety and a strong throwing arm were rewarded with reflective safety gear and other prizes. The Safe Kids PHOTOVOICE exhibit also is on display for NTDC attendees to enjoy and learn more about children’s perspectives on pedestrian safety from countries around the world.

Together with Safe Kids Worldwide, FedEx established the Safe Kids Walk This Way program to teach safe behaviors to motorists and child pedestrians and create safer, more walkable communities. Safe Kids Walk This Way is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.


    Deborah K. Domanski says:

    I think FedEx has the right idea.
    Safety is a team sport. The children, parents,
    Police officers,Crossing Guards, Volunteers,
    and drivers need to get together on some ground
    rules I believe, however, every crossing area
    is different and some common sense needs to be
    added into the equation. The children need to
    be taught to keep their heads up, no ball playing, or running etc. in the crosswalk. However, the drivers need to be aware of the
    fact that the children do not come equipped
    with turn signals. The unpredictability of
    traffic and children is what makes awareness on
    everyone’s part of upmost importance.
    Deborah K. Domanski
    Former Crossing Guard
    from Reading, PA

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