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Santa Wears Purple

January 9, 2015

In mid-December, San Diego college student Jessa Levy’s wallet was stolen, taking with it the $65 she had saved for Christmas gifts for her family. On Dec. 19th, the FedEx Ground station tracked her down to report that one of their drivers, Larry Fambro, had come across the wallet on the side of the road. Jessa came to the station to pick it up and thanked the team, but when she left, Senior Manager Steve Hillman happened to see her through his office window in the parking lot and noticed she was crying.

“We went out to check on her, and she told us that all her Christmas cash was missing. After Jessa left, I heard members of my team talking in the next room about how bad they felt for her. The next thing you know, everyone decided to give her some money.

“What amazes me,” said Steve, “is that even when the amount went past $65, the group kept giving. At no point did anyone even say ‘that’s more than she lost, we can stop now’. That’s my favorite part—that they gave so much more than she lost, and didn’t even question it.”

The team called Jessa again and asked her to stop by without saying why. When she arrived, they gave her a handmade card that said they just wanted her to know that there are still good people in the world. In the envelope was $270. Jessa was able to buy her family Christmas gifts and put gas in her car.

“I really want everyone who helped me out to get recognized,” said Jessa. “What they did for me is far beyond cash and checks. It really lifted my spirits knowing there’s good and honest people out there.”


    Laverne Jones says:

    Thanks SO much for sharing this wonderful story. It’s true there are so many wonderful people helping one another – in a world of news dominated by negative and horrible incidents – it spreads hope and joy to hear how your employees responded when they didn’t have to . Congratulations on employing people who know the meaning of the words compassion and generosity!

    Patrick Woods says:

    I just love working for fedex and just like reading about people making a different in others lives and just honoring the purple promise no matter what fedex location your from is just amazing.

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