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Seeing America Through the Windshield of a Hybrid Delivery Truck: A Road Trip

July 22, 2009

There are only a handful of things that are as American as a good ol’ road trip.  Clark Griswold made family road trips famously funny. My dad made road trips famously copasetic. Clark had the station wagon, my dad had a Dodge Caravan.

This summer I get my own unique travel vehicle: a FedEx retro-fitted hybrid delivery truck.  In total, 92 trucks were retro-fitted in Charlotte, NC by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) and Eaton Corporation will move across the U.S. to San Francisco and Los Angeles along Interstate 40. 

The last 25 of the trucks are ready to head west for revenue service. I joined them in Memphis to make the journey out west.  I will be riding shotgun and telling you the stories of FedEx through the windshield of a hybrid truck. 

Why you ask?

It’s okay to ask. My wife did.  A lot. But, the answer is simple.  Since we issued the FedEx Citizenship Report eight months ago, we’ve told the stories of FedEx on this blog.  The FedEx Citizenship blog has aimed to capture moments in time when FedEx is at its best as a corporate citizen and when FedEx was honored to be apart of when communities, people and organizations have had theirs. 

While on the road, I’ll be looking for interesting stories from the FedEx family in the towns we stop and pass and sharing them with you.  I’ll be reporting back what the southern half of America looks like from July 22 to July 26 as 25 hybrid vehicles make their trek to California.  Maybe it’s a scene you’ve seen before, but it’ll be my first. 

It will be my Summer road trip. Hopefully, we both learn some things along the way and celebrate FedEx doubling its hybrid fleet in the process.  Next stop, Oklahoma City.


    Marco Nogueira says:

    I liked a lot your posting.
    Hope you have a great time on your way to California.
    Best Regards

    Marco Nogueira
    Customer Serv Rep. SAORC Sao PAulo, Brazil

    brent pinsent(CA YOWA) says:

    I find this really exiciting to hear about.The freightliner is such a great truck!!Considering how heavy duty is is(holds 6000lbs)and weighs 5 tons empty it would be a shame not to recycle it.I think everyone should be retrofitted as it’s time comes up (to be retired) .I would also like to find out what the cost of the retrofit is compared to a new one and propose this to cost savings ideas as a cost saving idea. I would also like to see us as a company take full advantage of government programs and green initiatives to maximize these incentives.Thanks alot ..Brent

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