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Sell Through Multiple Online Stores and Keep Your Shipping Story Straight

February 7, 2013

It used to be that finding a channel to sell products was one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and small businesses had to overcome.

With the proliferation of online retail sites such as eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, finding sales platforms is much easier. The challenge has shifted instead to how an entrepreneur or small-business owner can fulfill orders from multiple online selling sites and still find time to grow the business.

Take the example of a budding jewelry artist who sells online through Etsy, eBay, and That means three stores generating orders with information in different formats and requiring fulfillment and shipping. Yikes!

The easy and hassle-free solution is® Integration Manager. This powerful online tool empowers sellers to manage shipments for multiple online stores in one location. Wow, talk about a revolution.    

So the jewelry artist can now see all the orders and shipping information in one place. That means less time worrying about shipping and more time coming up with amazing new designs.  

Sellers can get all of their online stores’ shipments onto the same page — literally. Integration Manager creates a single shipping center for sales on, Google Checkout, Yahoo Small Business, Etsy, ProStores, and more.

There’s no software or hardware to buy or install. It’s as easy as going to


    MayLyn says:

    I’m a eBay seller and this information will be so very helpful for me. I truly appreciated being updated on the blog what is going on at FedEx and how FedEx can improve my shipments.

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