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‘Series’ Offers Front Row Seat to Custom Chair Design

May 10, 2018

“The best experience going to a theater is really that you’re not aware of the chair.”  That’s the word from Mauricio Olarte, and an interesting perspective coming from the head of a company that designs seating.

“If you don’t even notice that the chair is there, we are successful,” says Olarte,  CEO of Series Seating, which creates what’s called “fixed seating,” or furniture that is attached to the floor or a wall.

Series, which is based in Miami, Florida, and manufactures in Bogota, Colombia, makes custom seating for auditoriums, movie theaters, churches, sports venues and more.

With more than a million chairs installed, and an export list that includes countries all over the world, Series relies heavily on logistics for their day to day operations as well as getting prototypes for new or renovated venues to architects in order to obtain valuble contracts.

Grab a chair to watch how Series makes it all come together with the help of FedEx.


    Marianela says:

    I love this video and story! Congratulations Mariangela for capturing this inspiring story

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