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SHANGHAI, CHINA: Our Donated Clothing are Symbols of Care and Love By: Lily Lin

September 24, 2009

Since the announcement of our annual FedEx Cares Week, team members from China have participated in different activities. In Shanghai, team members donated clothing for people living in poor areas.

On the evening of September 16, volunteers from different FedEx offices in Shanghai came to the headquarters to sort and pack the donated clothing. They gathered in a big conference room and participated in our activity despite the fact that they just finished a full work day of work.
All kinds of clothing could be found from baby outfits to suits and even bed quilts. Each piece was a symbol of the care and love our employees have for the people in poor areas of China. Although nobody left names, their love would make those people in need feel very warm.

As volunteers, we tried to finish our sorting and packing job perfectly. It was really a challenge to sort and pack clothing piled into small mountains. After two hours of hard work, the scattered clothing were categorized into different big boxes in nice order.       

When thinking about those people who can benefit from our work, we all felt that our efforts were worth it. As members of FedEx, we all feel proud to be part of the contributions that our company makes to the local community.

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