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Shelter from the Cold

March 6, 2012

Cold. Freezing cold. An unforgiving wind, finger tips painfully numb, teeth chattering.
The temperature had dropped to -9 degrees Celsius (16 degrees Fahrenheit).
With the wind chill, it felt worse.
Now imagine that feeling suspended in time, while you’re hungry and living on the streets.
The recent cold snap in Europe was in large part inescapable and, in some cases, life threatening.
shelter suppliesAcross the continent, efforts were mobilizing to lend a helping hand to the homeless—to offer a place of refuge from the crippling cold. Samu Social, an organization dedicated to serving the homeless in Belgium, worked tirelessly to open a new homeless shelter in the capital city.

Once the shelter had opened, however, supplies were urgently needed to make the residence operational. When the NGO turned to FedEx for donations of clothing, baby food, shoes and bed linens, the call for action was met with earnestness—more than 360 kg of goods were collected across our work locations in Belgium. Our NGO partner in Germany, Human Plus, also kindly donated 40 mattresses which we delivered for free to Samu Social.
Looking back, it was a tough week; one in which the harsh weather added a layer of unfriendliness.

And yet, knowing that at least 40 more people had somewhere to rest offered a sense of warmth and comfort even the hostile weather couldn’t dissipate.


    MayLyn says:

    I just am so grateful that I’m apart of FedEx and reading these stories about all of you helping others makes me so happy! You guys are the best!

    claudia says:

    That was the right thing to do.All major companies should always help those in need which im sure they do but we rarely hear about all good things just bad.what about all the victims of recent storms i. US.

    ChristopherT says:

    Thank you for your touching description of doing the right thing. This story rocks! Great work!!

    Freddie says:

    It is so great to know that companies such as FedEx does things like this. It makes me proud to know I am part of it.

    Janelle Kavanaugh says:

    I am so encouraged to read about so many of FedEx’s contributions to global citizenship endeavors. We in the United States have no idea of the great need in the world.

    Janelle Kavanaugh, Chair
    Economic Development Committee
    Mozambique Development in Motion

    Stone says:

    When reading these newes,I feel glad that I am not only working for myself, but also supporting our colleagues doing good. Thanks.

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