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Innovative New Company Ships Fall Colors? “Be-leaf” it!

November 4, 2015

There’s no denying it: the onset of autumn elicits a strong emotional reaction among almost all of us. Fall brings on a rush of memories from school days and an abundance of holidays.

Our innate sense of wonder can be triggered by something as simple as watching a tiny red leaf leaping from yawning arms of a massive tree, drifting gently to the earth. As chilly winds start to blow, the colors of fall somehow make us feel warmer. At home.

Of course there are lots of benefits of living in a warmer climate with less seasonal weather change. (You get to wear shorts while most of the rest of the country is shoveling snow!) But you probably catch yourself looking out your window this time of year, wishing there was a little more color in those trees.

This happened to Massachusetts native Kyle Waring while he was living in the Middle East. He found that he truly missed the colors of the fall season, and looking at photos just didn’t cure his Autumn Blues.

So when Kyle recently moved back to New England he thought he’d create a way to share some of the world’s most beautiful fall colors. was born!

Kyle is an avid hiker, so he began picking up a few beautiful leaves along his hikes. He knew that the beautiful autumnal colors would fade if not preserved, so Kyle incorporated a preservation process. He soaks the leaves in glycerin and presses them. The leaves are then bundled, placed inside custom-created folder, and shipped to happy customers.

“Overnight, reliable shipping with FedEx was critical to the success of another small company that I created, so I knew that my most important packages for would only be handled by FedEx,” Kyle says.

“The business has been incredible. I can’t even be-leaf it!”

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