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Shipping Trends Match Up With FedEx Strengths

August 22, 2012

The long-term future for global trade remains solid, and we are committed to providing solutions for businesses — large and small — to effectively compete in this important market. 

Air express will continue to grow long term as the integration of the world’s economies generate more small shipments moving directly from the point of production to the end user. That’s why the unique capabilities of our Boeing 777Fs are a distinct advantage for us. Their long range and nonstop capabilities provide shippers more time to process shipments each day.

Concurrently, air freight shipping is becoming more episodic. High-value technology products make up a large portion of this market these days, and more of these goods are being shipped as part of large new product launches. As a consequence, it often takes a large fleet of wide-body aircraft like ours to quickly flex capacity up and down. If a customer asks us to add extra flights, FedEx can do it better than our competitors because we have the largest all-cargo fleet in the world.

These trends are reinforced by improved production scheduling, reliability, and logistics information systems. Better visibility into supply chains allows greater use of ocean transportation to ship customers’ commodity freight, a distinct advantage given higher fuel prices. As a result, we’ve been expanding our FedEx Trade Networks capabilities. Since 2008, we’ve opened 47 freight-forwarding offices worldwide to help businesses reach their markets via ocean or air. It’s a key part of our strategy to provide customers with the world-class solutions they need to compete.

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    howard ferguson says:

    good to be back in the biz

    MayLyn says:

    Thank you Fred Smith for sharing the wonderful information about FedEx and what wonderful things you keep on doing! I’m enjoying being a volunteer here at FedEx and I thank you for giving me this oppertunity!

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