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Smooth Surfing with the Junior Achievement Company of the Year Competition

July 11, 2014

Although I have only been an intern on the Global Citizenship Team for a few weeks, I have already been exposed to so much new knowledge and incredible experiences, one of which included traveling to Washington D.C. for a Junior Achievement competition. During this competition, I assisted with the execution of a FedEx seminar for groups of high school students who have created and built their own businesses and served on an interview panel for these students to decide which team would receive the FedEx Access Award.

I witnessed high school students who have completely developed and run successful businesses, professors and mentors who are genuinely passionate about helping their students learn and young people from all over the United States with unequaled ambition. Being a part of this competition has easily been one of the most beneficial experiences that I have had as an intern thus far because it allowed me to see a direct result of our work here at FedEx. It was unbelievably rewarding to see the joy on the students’ faces when they were learning about Access and I feel honored to have been a part of the education process for them.

Among other things, this competition reminded me of how important it is to work in an environment you are passionate about – whether that is education, sustainability, finance, human resources or anything else – because if you love what you do, it only makes your work that much more rewarding.

From The Executive Surfers of Nalu:

The Executive Surfers of Nalu would like to thank the FedEx Corporation for bestowing upon us the 2014 FedEx Access Award. This recognition validates the hard work and dedication in which our team has put forth for the last twelve weeks in developing a company that is on track to further create economic development and set new standards in environmental sustainability in the global market place. Nalu is uniquely positioned to become a leader in the manufacturing of specialty surf wax that is both colored and scented.

Our product allows surfers to customize their boards in a way that no other product affords them, all in an environmentally friendly way.

Throughout the Junior Achievement Company of the Year Competition, our team presented a well-planned out approach to growing our small business along both the West and East coastal regions of the United States. Our understanding of the global market place helped us develop an aggressive plan that would leverage business relationships to gain access into communities around the world.

“Our vision at Nalu is to connect the international surfing community through the use of our product. We want to see Nalu Board Wax sold in surf shops on all the six surfing continents,” says Stephen Clark. We see the FedEx international network as the leader in global connectivity. We envision FedEx as an extremely valuable partner in creating new opportunities, wherever they may be in the world.

Once again the Executive Surfers of Nalu would like to thank FedEx for this award. Nalu is truly committed to living up to the high standards in which the FedEx Access Award represents.

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