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Special Delivery: Sea Turtle Eggs

July 2, 2010

Two weeks ago, FedEx received a call from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), asking if we might consider a delivery of unprecedented nature. Biologists at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hatched a plan to move 70,000 sea turtle eggs from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast. This was quite an opportunity we had to consider.

Over the next 48 hours, our experts in transportation, logistics, and disaster response began in-depth conversations with the NFWF and the USFWS to understand this monumental effort. Given the nature of this translocation, we needed to understand a complex array of issues and verify we were applying our best technologies. In the end, FedEx Custom Critical had the best solution to meet the critical delivery times and needs with temperature-control, air-ride ground solutions. We also engaged many of our experienced handlers at FedEx Express who had expertise and experience with specialized animal shipments.

On July 1, NFWF announced that FedEx would support the translocation of approximately 70,000 sea turtle eggs. Teams at FedEx quickly mobilized, designing customized, cushioned pallets; organizing pick-up sites; and working out the transportation plan. FedEx has been in this role before, transporting some of the world’s most precious cargo, including pandas, penguins, dolphins, sea lions and more.  However, this was an unprecedented shipment. Federal agencies coordinating this effort believed this would be the greatest amount of sea turtle eggs moved for rescue and relocation in the U.S.

According to NFWF and the USFWS, the option of leaving these turtle hatchlings on the Gulf Coast guarantees 100% mortality. We are honored to have been invited by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation and their many partner agencies to make this special delivery.  While our role is vital to this process, we join many volunteers, staff, organizations and government agencies who are working tirelessly to give these sea turtles the best hope for survival.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll use the FedEx Citizenship Blog to share stories from the field so that you can learn, along with us, why this shipment is vital to the survival of this endangered species that relies on the ocean ecosystem. You can also stay updated on this heroic effort by following @fedexcares on Twitter.


    Terry Simpson-Miller says:

    Once again, FedEx and only FedEx is entrusted with special cargo. I am so proud of my company.

    Anne Wallace Crighton says:

    As my husband and I both are retirees from FedEx, I can just say….YOU GUYS AND GALS ROCK!!! Thank you so much for helping in this manner, it makes us very proud of you and of our company….Keep up the great work and let’s save some turtles!!! Dave and Anne Wallace Crighton , TN retirees

    Monica Fleischmann says:

    FedEx surprises me every day with their Purple Promise. I am so proud to work with a company that services the community and now the turtles, giving the eggs a chance at life.
    Thank you, FedEx!

    Vaibhav Garde says:

    This is really great news! Time and again FedEx has shown that it is truly willing to step up to help preserve our environment: in this case, translocate sea turtle eggs to ensure the species has a pretty good chance of survival going forward. Given the size of the oil spill disaster, any and all such steps are direly needed to mitigate the impact on the Gulf. Yet another reason to feel proud of my company!

    lori says:

    SHOUT OUT TO FEDEX for your help with the relocation of sea turtle eggs!

    Laura Bailey says:

    Hello, my name is Laura. I just want to say thank you for moving something so precious to the earth. I work at Wal-Mart and I am a P.S.P Captain and we work hard everyday trying to make things better for the earth. Nothing so far as this though. The things we do is small compared to this. We go to schools and teach kids about recycling, water, electricity and excercising as a way of giving back. We do roadside clean ups as well. We recycle a lot at our stores but I have to say what you guys are doing is awesome. I am glad I got to read this article and I hope that one day I will be able to do something as awesome as this. I may not work at Fed Ex but I have tried to get on there. Either way if I am working wherever. I still think this is way too awesome. Thanks so much from someone who tries very hard to do the same thing

    R Gerber says:

    Both as a horticulturalist and southwest Floridian, the commitment of FedEx is a step up from both ordinary and necessary. The transport of sea turtle eggs is the script for a child’s fairy tale come true. Thank you.

    Dolly Harris says:

    Thank you for helping out. As a volunteer at Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, I appreciate what you are doing to help out the sea turles. I hope more people are willing to volunteer in the future with other species in trouble.

    Larry Lynch says:

    As a SCUBA diver, I want to thank FedEx for your efforts to save the turtles. It is great to use this opportuity to highlight your services. Showing people what you can do by making a substantial ecological contribution using your skills and resources is a lot more powerful than a TV ad. I am impressed. Thank you.

    Thanks Brandon for this update-this is great work, look forward to identifying areas for collaboration in order to save amazing coastal ecosystems and endangered species south of the border!!
    Serge Dedina
    Executive Director

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