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Stability in a World of Change

November 6, 2013

Business is fast, complex and global. The incentives of borderless trade are the same for businesses of every size everywhere – the possibility to reach new customers. But in each case, the opportunity to grow globally means relying on one’s immediate neighborhood to help them succeed.

At the heart of the matter – is people. Processes, yes, technology, sure. But whether you own a small business in Munich or work from a Singapore office tower, you need a global vision combined with a practical and reliable on-the-ground grasp of the street. That depends on people with the right insight to build stability in a world of change.

It’s why the motto for our global advertising campaign in its second year is: “FedEx. Solutions Powered by People.”  The people at FedEx give business owners access to both the whole world and to the most powerful local insight and intelligence.

I consider myself fortunate to work with so many talented people who share a vision that reaches around the globe and around the block. Our people are our great differentiator and that is what we will be highlighting in the three creative executions of the ‘Solutions Powered by People’ campaign:

·         “Local Expertise”, providing a view of how our deep knowledge and understanding of markets on a local level translate to global scale.

·         “Near and Far”, using striking imagery of contrasting international cities to illustrate how our network delivers solutions around the corner and around the globe.

·         Tracking and Visibility”, shining a light on how the sophisticated technology of FedEx provides SMEs, in particular, with unmatched control over their global shipments.

The series of advertisements recently went live with a multimarket print and online media campaign. We’ve also launched landing pages on the global website where all small and medium sized customers can find more content about innovative transportation solutions to meet their needs.

Trust FedEx to deliver.

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