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Standardized Test Scores Rise, Memphis-Based Middle Students Celebrate

November 24, 2014

Written by Dr. Menthia P. Clark, Director of Schools
, Memphis Business Academy

FedEx and Teach For America are collaborating again to support Memphis Business Academy (MBA), and we are so appreciative. Last year, when Mr. Shannon Brown, FedEx Express Senior Vice President, Chief HR and Diversity Officer of Human Resources, spoke to our students, he promised that if they raised their standardized test scores he would give us a party to celebrate. MBA Middle School students experienced growth in every area of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies, and MBA High School earned the distinction as a Tennessee Reward School due to significant academic progress. Today – we are partying! 

MBA began a new initiative last year: ROW – Reading on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday the students are on a condensed schedule and at the end of the day, all of MBA is engaged in silent reading for an hour and thirty minutes. This is the second year for ROW, and due to an increased enrollment in our student body, we have a need for more books. Thankfully, FedEx and Teach For America have decided to partner and give MBA more reading materials!

Thanks to FedEx, over six hundred Executives, as MBA students are called, will participate in the “Purple Party,” receive new books for the ROW program, and seniors will experience Mr. Shannon Brown again as the graduation speaker for the class of 2015. 


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