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Stansted: Connecting the UK to the World Since the 1980s

March 15, 2017

The year: 1985

Michael J. Fox went back to the future and Ferris had one totally awesome day off.

Michael Jordan was named the NBA’s “Rookie of the Year.”

Madonna opened the New Year at number one with “Like a Virgin.”

FedEx Express expanded operations and opened the Stansted Gateway, just 40 miles north of London, to help United Kingdom businesses connect to global markets.

Over 30 years later the movies are now classics, Michael Jordan retired as one of the best basketball players of all time, Madonna became the best-selling female recording artist ever and Stansted went from four team members to almost 500.

But why is Stansted a gateway and not a hub? What’s the difference?

A gateway refers to a major airport or first or last stop in a country. It’s a consolidation point into or out of a country.

A hub is a distribution center that can connect to multiple or all destinations within a network.

So, Stansted is a gateway because it’s the main point to get packages into and out of the United Kingdom.

Charles de Gaulle in France, on the other hand, is a hub because it can connect to the FedEx Express world-wide network through Paris.

You’ve seen FedEx Hubs in action, now it’s time to check out the Stansted Gateway in Europe.

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    Said DeSaque says:

    Congratulations for 30 years at Stanstead. I notice that FEDEX is trying to blend its Jet A air fuel in the US with bio fuels. Is the same initiative being taken in the European operations at Stanstead and Paris? I assume that Jet A1 fuel is used in both the UK and France and would be blended with European sourced bio fuels. Would be great to hear about the FEDEX fuel policy in Europe. Thank you!

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