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Start the Shift to a Better Future for Transportation

April 7, 2011

FedEx Chairman, President and CEO, Fred Smith has said of our nation’s dependence on oil, “What is needed now is an urgent, national commitment to action.” As oil prices once again top $100 a barrel, we’re unveiling a video that we hope will help bring more attention to doing just that.

Seventy percent of oil used in the United States is for transportation fuel. In his testimony to Congress, Fred Smith outlined the incredible costs and burdens this dependence creates on families, businesses and our national security. There are better alternatives. And while we’re used to delivering overnight at FedEx, we know this shift is something that’s going to take a little longer. Check out this short piece about the current challenge and go here to find out what other steps you can take right now.


    Brent Pinsent(CA YOWA) says:


    Congratulations on a great to-the-point video. I’am sure a lot of your viewers will find great info via the links given ,pertaining to The EDF,EPA and DOT new upcoming guidelines, as well on tips we all can do to conserve. Since these new guidlines reflect the 2017-2025 light and heavy duty vehicles,time is ticking for governments to provide incentives/grants to get these greener alternatives on the road sooner, rather than later,and let us all breathe a bit easier.

    Between Fedex preparing for the above new upcoming guidelines,Fedex’s ever expanding greener fleet and Mr Smith’s Membership in the Electrification Coalition, Fedex is a leading us into a brighter future,and I say thank you for this.

    Take care,
    Brent Pinsent
    Fedex Canada

    Robert Buckley says:

    We liked it so much we blogged about it.

    FedEx EVs: Which Green Is Driving Them?

    Please visit:

    Mitch, please drop me an email so we can connect. Thanks!

    Kalan Ickes says:

    Nice video, which I will share with my students. Can you provide me with a link to data on the Fed-Ex fleet in terms of how many total vehicles it comprises, what % are hybrids/electric/alt fuel vehicles, and how soon Fed-Ex will be transitioning to a more sustainable fleet? Given the size of the company and their fleet they could single-handedly move the needle, and while I hear about them moving in this direction I have never personally seen a single Fed-Ex vehicle from these “greener” categories. But I keep looking and hoping and will continue to do so!

    Mitch Jackson says:

    Kalan, thanks much. You can find more information on our vehicles in our Global Citizenship Report, located at Please note that we will have a new report coming out in a couple of months. Also, the March 2011 total miles of revenue service for our hybrid electric and electric vehicles is 8.7 million miles, comprised of 346 of these vehicles. They are operating in the following locations: Memphis, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland OR, Denver, Chicago, Ann Arbor MI, New York City, Washington DC, Tampa, Toronto, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. In fact, we have an all-hybrid electric station in New York. Take care.

    Paul Scott says:

    The video is a powerful statement well made. Truck electrification is vital for us to make a big dent fast. We’re going to see electric cars explode in the next 5 years, and if trucks do the same, we’ll “move the needle” as another comment said.

    Combining with solar and wind energy, the offset of pollution is enormous, and the renewable energies are great for jobs. This is the classic win/win we have all been waiting for.

    Port Canaveral Transportation says:

    This is really a great post I love to know about ports and Transportation services .thanks

    Chris Hewett says:

    Who would be the contact for truck fleet operations in Ann Arbor, MI?

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