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Steaks for Soldiers

June 30, 2011

If you ask Ralph Perkuhn, Senior Training Specialist for FedEx Express in the Western Region about his recent vacation, he will tell you he took a few days off in April to volunteer for the Steak Team Mission in Afghanistan. He will also humbly explain how this story is not about him. It’s about the marines. If these guys are willing to put their lives on the line for our country, Ralph and the other volunteers for the Steak Mission Team feel the least they can do- is to offer these soldiers with a “taste of home.”

Tony Booth, a volunteer and a former marine had a dream. He wanted to grill steaks for the marines in the most far forward operations-places like Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. The team had never before travelled to the marines with boots in the dirt on the frontlines of the fight with the enemy. These soldiers are dining on pre-pared food or MRES-Meals Ready to Eat. You can only imagine how appreciative these soldiers were for grilled steaks, sides and ice cream. The pictures of happy hungry marines tell this story.

steaks for soldiers

Several members of the FedEx executive management team moved without hesitation, very eager to support the movement of these highly perishable items. FedEx provided support for the transport of approximately $30,000 dollars worth of steak and ice cream into Dubai. The food was packed in dry ice and freezers, shipped to the UAE and transferred to military CH-53 Super Stallion Helicopters.

Special thanks to: Managing Directors Richard Moses and Mike Higley, as well as numerous others for their support in making a difference for marines in Afghanistan.

Note: Steak Team Mission is a privately funded, nonprofit organization from Dallas that’s served 31,000 service members around the world.

See more photos of the Steak Team Mission on the DVIDS News Site


    Karri says:

    Next time they do this maybe they could check in with some employees of Fedex and see if they have a soldier over there, and recuit employees to go. I would have gladly taken some vacation to see my son who is deployed right now. Awesome thing to do by the way!!

    Sharon Blankenship says:

    This is one of the most fabulous stories I have ever read. It takes a real hero to go into a war zone and grill a few steaks for a few marines. Well done Ralph, Richard, Mike and the Steak Mission Team.

    Sharon Blankenship says:

    Ralph has my vote as a real hero. It’s not everyday that someone risks their life in a war zone to grill a few steaks for fine young marines. Hats off to the two Express Managing Directors-Richard Moses and Mike Higley for their assistance in making it possible for us to transport steaks and ice cream for these soldiers.

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