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Stranded at Heathrow: travelers receive comfort from FedEx and Salvation Army

December 22, 2010

Weary travelers stranded at Heathrow airport in the UK due to some hard-hitting winter storms are tasting a bit of comfort served up by The Salvation Army. These travelers are receiving something hot to drink and a bit to eat being served from a canteen truck donated by FedEx. The truck is one of 13 provided by FedEx to The Salvation Army around the world.

One canteen truck enables The Salvation Army to provide meals for as many as 2,500 people each day. The truck based in London also served stranded travelers at Heathrow during the volcano eruption in Iceland. When not coming to the aid of stranded travelers, the vehicle is used year round to help first responders and victims of disasters (floods, fires and the like), and to provide food to the homeless and to serve others in need.

FedEx-donated canteen trucks are serving far and wide to support first responders and those impacted by wildfires in Australia and California, floods in Mexico and Atlanta, and ice storms in Canada.


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