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Suddenly Sanjaya

November 20, 2008

Recently, the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund hosted their annual gala in New York City. FedEx sponsored the event to reflect our on-going commitment to create opportunities for individuals to achieve their dreams and participate in the global economy. APIASF has awarded more than $1.8 million in scholarships to 850 deserving APIA high school seniors.

The evening was inspiring and was a call to action to support the efforts of Asian & Pacific Islander students who are unable to afford higher education. Contrary to popular belief, only 12% of APIAs have a college education compared with 24% of American adults. During the evening, students from Wellesley College, Columbia University, NYU and many others shared the impact of these funds on their college experience. FedEx and other corporations were recognized for their generosity, helping APIASF become the leading scholarship program for APIAs throughout the United States and Pacific Islands.

So where does Sanjaya come in? Unbeknownst to me or our guests, this American Idol Season 6 Finalist was our entertainment for the evening. And while I applaud his passion for a career in entertainment, I am grateful our investments are helping to provide APIA students with the resources they need to become future leaders in our nation.

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