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Summer Driving Safety

May 7, 2012

As an avid runner, I enjoy warm summer days when I can lace up my shoes and go for a jog through my neighborhood. I also enjoy the longer hours of sunshine, and watching the neighborhood kids taking advantage of the extra daylight with games of dodge ball, football, or street hockey. But it also scares me a little because I know there are many times that kids go chasing after a ball and forget to look for oncoming traffic.

The other day, I read a report from the National Safe Kids Coalition that showed the number of children involved in traffic-related injuries rises dramatically during the summer months. In many cases, kids on bikes or playing in their front yards without paying attention to oncoming traffic leads to the accident.

Our 44,000 vehicles are regularly in neighborhoods. They see first-hand how the opportunity for accidents increases in the summer. We encourage each of our drivers to be especially mindful of children at play in neighborhoods when school is out. Please join us in taking extra precautions when driving this summer.

  • Don’t speed through your neighborhood or down any street.
  • Pay special attention to kids who may be playing nearby and be prepared to stop suddenly if a child or pet darts out in front of you.
  • Walk around your vehicle before you leave to ensure there are no children or objects that you could hit.
  • As you’re travelling on vacation, allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.
  • Expect heavier traffic around popular tourist attractions and be prepared for others you are sharing the road with to not be alert. Drivers searching for a specific address are more likely to not pay attention to traffic conditions.

Drive on the defensive. Be ready to react.

Behaving this way may just be the difference between a fun summer and one spent recuperating from injuries.

School will be back in session soon enough, and vacation season will be over. Let’s make sure we all enjoy this and every summer by driving carefully through every neighborhood. Doing so will  make for a safer and more pleasant summer for all of us.


    Paul Hirano says:

    Great advice for all. I will share this with my team. Thanks

    Mary Lynn Rogers says:

    Awesome Cynthia! Safety at work AND at home! Folks, off the job make sure you buckle up those kids, booster seats for those under 4’9″ and no texting or talking while driving! Road crashes are a leading cause of death among youths ages 10-19.

    Rakesh says:

    This is the best advice for our driving safety.

    Rakesh says:

    It’s a amazing advice for all of us.Thanks

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