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Super Bowl Lemonade Stand Makes a Splash!

February 11, 2013

FedEx Lemonade Stand hosted by Junior Achievement Students
& NFL Players

My First Lemonade Stand! – Nicolas
By Nicholas Q., from New Orleans, Louisiana

Thanks to FedEx, I got to run the coolest lemonade stand ever, with five other Junior Achievement students from New Orleans. We sold lemonade to NFL players. Our lemonade stand was set up in the New Orleans Convention Center on Radio Row. Everyone there had to walk right by our lemonade stand, so we made lots of money for Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans—about $1,000!

fedex and junior achievementDonald Driver from the Green Bay Packers and Alfred Morris from the Washington Redskins came and worked at the lemonade stand with us. It was the day that Donald Driver announced he was going to retire from football, and all the TV and radio stations wanted to come and talk to him. So we tried to sell lemonade to all of them! Donald was so nice—he signed autographs for us and took us around the whole media center to get donations for Junior Achievement.

Check out this video below of Donald and former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann—Joe was really nice and gave us a donation! I was hoping he’d give us his Super Bowl ring, but he gave us $100 instead.

When my friends and I were running the lemonade stand, we got to do some of the things I learned from Junior Achievement about running a business. My friends and worked together as a team, just like the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers did. We set up the lemonade and got ready to serve it to our customers. We also had to make sure that each of us understood our job in running the stand so we could fill all our orders.

I am so grateful I got to meet NFL players like Donald, Alfred and Joe, thanks to FedEx! It was such an exciting day.

Classroom in Super Bowl Media Center
By Buzzy Thibodeaux, Executive Vice President, Junior Achievement USA®

I had the privilege of helping Junior Achievement students run a lemonade stand at the Super Bowl’s Media Center. Junior Achievement was there courtesy of FedEx’s Air and Ground Players of the Year program. FedEx generously supports Junior Achievement by making donations in the names of the winning players throughout the year, to support youth entrepreneurship education. Some of you may know that FedEx was started by Fred Smith as a small business venture in 1971, so there is great synergy between our two organizations.

Rfedex and junior achievementunning the lemonade stand with six Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans students was a blast. We had the great support of two NFL players, Alfred Morris of the Washington Redskins, and Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers. Driver had just announced his retirement that morning, so every media outlet in the convention center wanted to talk to us.

Driver and Morris were gracious to everyone who visited the lemonade stand, and helped our students collect donations to support youth entrepreneurship education in New Orleans. The students got the opportunity to put into practice the skills they learned from Junior Achievement, such as teamwork and leadership.

It was an exciting day for me and for our students, who were a little star-struck by the players who visited the stand—Rob Gronkowski and J.J. Watt, to name just two. I was proud to represent Junior Achievement, the organization with which I have spent my entire career.

Helping the next generation of small business owners learn how to start and grow their own businesses has been part of JA’s mission since we were founded in 1919. We are thrilled to collaborate with like-minded organizations such as FedEx, who supports our JA Company Program® on six continents around the world.


    MayLyn says:

    It is so wonderful to see what FedEx keeps on doing and even a Super Bowl lemonade stand, that is so wonderful for all of you to do that! I’m so pleased to volunteer for such a wonderful company that is fun and a great place to be!

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