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Superior Networks Deliver Game-Changing Solutions

August 29, 2012

Our customers’ expectations and needs evolve constantly, and so must we. The Roman statesman Marcus Aurelius summed it up best: “Nothing happens without change.” That’s why our operating companies relentlessly adjust their networks to meet traffic flows and levels. Each network is discrete so it can optimize its business without compromise. Hence our competitive advantage of speed and flexibility: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight are superior networks with industry-leading service levels. Superior networks translate into superior solutions for customers. That’s real value.

Take as an example the global rise of online buying, now growing at three to four times the rate of retail sales growth overall. For FedEx, that means more deliveries, whether a product is purchased or returned. It’s the perfect fuel for growth, internationally and in the United States.

Retailers want a range of shipping options that satisfy their customers’ various expectations for cost and service. In the U.S. we offer express service, customized ground home delivery, and FedEx SmartPost, our most inexpensive shipping option. The low cost of FedEx SmartPost allows retailers to offer free shipping as a marketing tactic. In fact, consumers chose the free-shipping option for half of holiday ecommerce transactions last November and December, according to comScore, a firm that analyzes online commerce.

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    MayLyn says:

    I enjoy every single item that I get from FedEx and I also ship my ebay buyers items with FedEx and you have given me the best ebay busines while UPS and DHL gave me crap, but FedEx has been such a wonderful help to me and all of my ebay buyers are always pleased when they get thier packages all intact and on time!

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