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Champion Mechanic Shares Advice Every Driver Should Know

September 15, 2016

Award-winning mechanic Eric Vos takes you under the hood to show off the skills needed to win a FedEx “Top Wrench” award and become a SuperTech National Champion—one of the most prestigious titles a mechanic can achieve.

Plus, he offers a sneak peek at his pet project, restoring a 1950s classic Chevy Apache truck.

One of 1,300+ technicians who keep more than 20,000 FedEx Freight vehicles running safely, Eric also shares his top tips to help keep your vehicle in good shape:

1. Change oil regularly according to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations
2. Check tire pressure and tread depth regularly to keep from running on bald tires
3. Replace air filter roughly once a year
4. Rotate tires every 5000 miles or so for optimum safety


    Ron Acosta says:

    Terrific job … I wanna be like you when I grow up… WINNER!

    RIck Benefield says:

    Most people don’t know that mechanics are the most knowledgeable employees in the trucking business. The work is very technical, takes a lot of thought to solve the problems with the electrical, mechanical,computer and pnuematic systems.You also need to be a chemist to understand all the fluids ,fuels,and oils that go into each component. Mechanics need to be able to perform every other job such as operating all types of equipment in order to understand how to work on it. On top of that you have to reinvest your pay in the latest tools to do your job.
    Just want you to know that some of us really understand how prestigius being crowned SuperTech national champion really is. Thank’s for what you do !

    Javier DeNardo says:

    Very enjoyable video. As a car guy myself, I admire Eric’s simple yet dedicated and efficient approach to mechanics, and am pleased to know we have techs like him servicing our trucks.

    Bill Weide says:

    Great advise. Only thing I would caution is that air-filter every three years. That’s pretty optimistic and assumes driving in clear air. Dust and dirt can accumulate depending on conditions. I check mine every oil change, and shake out any loose dust and debris. One way to stay on top of it.

    Kelvin Golden says:

    Nice video and great job Eric. You remind me of how much I miss working on vehicles. Thanks for helping to keep our equipment and drivers safe.

    Marcelo says:

    Congratulations for winning such nice award, Eric!

    Rajesh Narayanaswamy says:

    Congrats…Very proud of you Eric. Keep up the great work.

    albert lao says:


    Sam Iepala says:

    That is a great achievement. Congratulations! You’ve got to show us how your Apache pick up truck turns out.

    Dorris Forstall says:

    Great story and quite an achievement. Congratulations! From one fellow classic Apache enthusiast to another—best wishes on your project. I hope we get to see the final result!

    Theresa Rosenbetger says:

    Great video

    Aaron Lal says:

    Nice post! It will surely help beginners update their knowledge. The efforts you have put in to create the posts are quite interesting. Keep posting and sharing!

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